Writing Prompt of the Week: January 2-8 (Fantasy & Sci-Fi (Speculative Fiction))

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Week of January 2-8
Submissions: January 2-6
Voting: January 7-8
Winner Badge Awarded: January 9

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Fantasy and Sci-Fi encompasses the broad genres, from paranormal to space opera to high fantasy to aliens. All things fantastical, magical, futuristic and paranormal are allowed in these prompts. There should be at least one of these elements in your submission.

This Week’s Prompt

The magic they taught was meant to be forgotten long ago.

Professor Bennet eyes his class and poses them a question. "Now, girls, do you know why you can hear that echo in the halls?" The old wizard refers to the mysterious song that can be heard at the school's entrance every time someone passes by.

That song is believed to be the infamous Chant of Sirens. Whoever stops by to listen to it for more than thirty seconds will be cursed, or this is what everyone thinks. Not much is known about this alleged curse, which makes everyone fear for the school’s safety.

The professor continues. “This is not an easy question to answer, so I’ll leave you time to think about it.” He waves a hand to signal that class is over. Everyone stands up and rushes out of the room after their greetings, except for three girls. Bunny Floyd, Sally Fuller, and Rosie Dillon.

Since they’re the class’s most brilliant students, they usually have an answer to every question. However, this one is much different, and a lot more complicated, an authentic dilemma. They want to find out more about the Chant of Sirens. They’re certain that Professor Bennet can guide them at least towards a clue.

He notices that they haven’t left the classroom and warns them. “You shouldn’t be here, girls! The Principal is awaiting you all in the theater! Come on, go, or you’ll be late-”

Bunny, however, interrupts him. “Sir, you mentioned the echo in the halls. Do you believe it comes from a Siren?”

Professor Bennet adjust his round glasses and glances uneasily at Bunny and her friends. He clears his throat and says, “Well, I can’t prove anything, at least not yet. But I do believe Sirens had a part in the school’s foundation.”

“What do you mean?” Bunny asks again. “Does it mean that-”

“There are traces of their magic here, right?” adds Rosie, shocking the professor.

“And, maybe, if we’re lucky, there’s a chance that we learn about their magic, I guess,” concludes Sally with an expecting smile.

Professor Bennet’s voice turns darker. “Well, girls, I understand where your questions come from. But I don’t think you’re prepared to delve into the Sirens’ history. The magic they taught was meant to be forgotten long ago.”