Writing Prompt of the Week: July 17-23 (Fantasy & Sci-Fi (Speculative Fiction))

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Welcome to the 57th Writing Prompt of the Week!


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Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Fantasy and Sci-Fi encompasses the broad genres, from paranormal to space opera to high fantasy to aliens. All things fantastical, magical, futuristic and paranormal are allowed in these prompts. There should be at least one of these elements in your submission.

This Week’s Prompt

Your great grandmother was a famous witch and has recently passed. Everyone in your family receives a magical heirloom while you receive an average single pair of socks.

Ever since my great-grandmother passed away, I've had high expectations when it comes to her will. It mentions that everyone is set to find out what their heirloom consists of on July 31. I don't know why that exact date, though.

The fateful day comes. We all reunite at her magical mansion, where we’ll all know our destiny. Starting from the eldest surviving family members, everyone is assigned a magical item as part of their inheritance. I wait eagerly, hoping to prove I’m not a misfit and that I can handle magic.

When my turn comes, Mom and Dad glance at me expectantly. In a matter of minutes, however, their expression turns into one of pure terror. This doesn’t look good. What if I get something ominous? What if it’s a curse? I can’t help thinking of the worst.

I slowly open the little box I’ve been assigned. To my shock, it’s just a pair of socks. I rub them, believing there’s magic in them, but they spark no reaction. These are just ordinary socks. I’m the only member of my family who hasn’t got a magical item. Everyone else has one because they have defined powers.

Therefore, this means I might have none. I guess I have to accept this fate and make my way towards an ordinary life, away from my family. I missed the chance to prove I’m not a misfit. The truth is, I’m a disgrace to them. I don’t belong here.