Writing Prompt of the Week: July 24-30(Dark, Dreadful, & Dystopian)

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Dark, Edgy, and Dreadful

These prompts are creepy, mysterious, maybe downright scary. There’s some prompts with room for comedy, though. Give us your best spin on a thriller, mystery, or horror short story. Whatever genre you choose, make sure there’s a spine-tingling plot twist or chilling ending for maximum effect!

This Week’s Prompt

There’s a strange noise coming from your closet but each time you look into it, you see nothing.

Every time I pass by the closet, I hear strange noises. Yet, when I open it, I don't see anything but my usual stuff: clothes, books, skincare products and even a couple of stuffed toys. Nothing suspicious.

I decide to tell Nana the truth. “I think there’s something in the closet. There’s a strange noise coming from it, but I can’t make out what it is.”

She dismisses my doubt with a shrug and a weak smile. “I think you’re exaggerating, Haruna. Are you sure it doesn’t come from outside?”

I insist. “No! I swear I heard it clearly from inside. Please, believe me!”

My grandmother sighs. She follows me to the closet, where the noise resonates loud. She opens the wardrobe and checks if there’s anything out of place. She knows I’m a tidy person, which makes her believe I’m not lying.

Nana is about to close the doors, when the noise echoes again. This time, it’s a mixture of a rough screech and a thud. She tries to retreat, but for some reason is pulled inside. I try to drag her away, to no avail.

The closet is sucking us into it.