Writing Prompt of the Week: June 12-18 (Miscellaneous)

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Welcome to the 52nd Writing Prompt of the Week!


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Week of June 12-18
Submissions: June 12-16
Voting: June 17-18
Winner Badge Awarded: June 19


These prompts are random and can include whatever you think will fit the prompt. Ranging from poetry to two-sentence prompts, miscellaneous prompts are a fun deviation from the others!

This Week’s Prompt

Find an obscure color word (ie. kermes, tilleul). Write a short story about the color without using the name of the color. Put the word in a spoiler bracket at the very end.

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Mandy Longmire has always been the eccentric type. Always looking for the most unique color combinations, she strives for originality. When it comes to picking her clothes, it's no exception.

She wants to stand out. She wants all eyes on her. So, what can she pick this time for the ball? That glowing dress in her wardrobe has been calling her name. It’s like it begs her to wear it.

Mandy hesitates; then, she grabs it and slowly puts it on. When she realizes it fits perfectly, she feels like she’s a star. Better said, the brightest star. She imagines herself in a glowing field full of flowers blooming in their splendor.

She believes she can achieve everything. She knows she’s the most precious flower. She’s aware no-one will be able to resist her.