Writing Prompt of the Week: June 26-July 2 (Dark, Dreadful, & Dystopian)

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Dark, Edgy, and Dreadful

These prompts are creepy, mysterious, maybe downright scary. There’s some prompts with room for comedy, though. Give us your best spin on a thriller, mystery, or horror short story. Whatever genre you choose, make sure there’s a spine-tingling plot twist or chilling ending for maximum effect!

This Week’s Prompt

Your friend invites you to their cottage in the forest and you find out that it used to belong to their uncle who called it “the cabin in the woods.”

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When Phoebe invited me to spend a week with her in her cottage in the forest, I admit I was thrilled. I love camping, but haven't had the chance of doing so since I was nine; therefore, this seemed to be a viable alternative.

The last thing I expected, however, was it being in an area known for multiple disappearances that happened over the last six years. Of course, Phoebe never told me. But, now, here we are, planning to watch stars and roast marshmallows. Simple, right?

That is, until Phoebe insists on telling me stories about the cottage. “There’s one thing you should know, and my parents only told me the truth about it recently. The cottage… welll… It used to belong to my uncle.” Her smile falters as soon as she mentions him. Did he have a dark past? Was he one of the people who were mysteriously abducted?

Too many questions in my mind, and no room for answers. I’d like to ask my best friend what happened to him, but can’t find the courage. What if she’s upset? I decide to keep my mouth shut and just listen for now.

“Oh… He had a name for this place. It may sound ominous, but I believe it’s just a coincidence. He called it ‘the cabin in the woods.’ What do you think?” Those words leave me speechless. Why does it sound like a place full of secrets we’re not supposed to know?

I don’t like the direction this field trip is taking. If I don’t pay attention, I’ll end up like those people who disappeared without traces. I’m too young to die.