Writing Prompt of the Week: June 5-11 (Non-Speculative "No Fantasy" Fiction)

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Week of June 5-11
Submissions: June 5-9
Voting: June 10-11
Winner Badge Awarded: June 12

No-Fantasy Fiction

These prompts are grounded very thoroughly in reality. No magic, no science fiction, no fantasy creatures or worlds should be in submissions for these prompts. Stories can be modern or historical, maybe even slightly futuristic, but they must be based on reality and on earth as we know (or knew) it to be.

This Week’s Prompt

Write a story about a character who can’t keep a secret and the possible consequences of that.

I can't keep secrets, that's a matter of facts. Every time someone picks me as their confidant, I promise to keep my lips sealed; yet, I end up spilling the tea. Unfortunately, due to my inability to stay silent when needed, I've lost many friends overtime.

This time is no exception. Yesterday, I caught my roommate, Dayeon, with a man, doing stuff. Too bad he isn’t her boyfriend. When she noticed my casual presence, she made me swear I’d never tell Jeongheun. They’ve fared quite poorly lately; cheating rumors would only make things worse.

Hours have passed; my conscience crushes me. I gasp as I try to avoid Dayeon’s gaze. I can’t stay silent forever. Jeongheun will know, one way or another. I suggest she tell him the truth, but she turns me away in a brash manner. “Don’t do things you’ll regret,” she admonishes.

It’d be wiser if I just did as told; however, the more time goes, the more I feel guilty. Dayeon might be my roommate and a loyal confidant, but Jeongheun is a dear friend to me. He doesn’t deserve to be kept from the truth.

This is why I end up confessing during a drinking night with him and our other friends. Of course, this doesn’t come without consequences. The relationship between Jeongheun and Dayeon is over, and I have no more roof under my head as a result.

At least my conscience is clean, but it won’t help me with the fact that I’ll have to move back to my parents’, 100 kilometers away from here, because no-one will rent me even a goshiwon after rumors about my quick mouth spread.

From now on, every time someone asks me to keep a secret for them, I’ll decline. I’m done with lying to keep up appearances and controlling my mouth. I have the right to say what I think, honestly and with no filters.