Writing Prompt of the Week: March 27-April 2 (Fantasy & Sci-Fi (Speculative Fiction))

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Week of March 27-April 2
Submissions: March 27-31
Voting: April 1-2
Winner Badge Awarded: April 3

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Fantasy and Sci-Fi encompasses the broad genres, from paranormal to space opera to high fantasy to aliens. All things fantastical, magical, futuristic and paranormal are allowed in these prompts. There should be at least one of these elements in your submission.

This Week’s Prompt

Your entire life, you’ve been told you’re deathly allergic to bees. You’ve always had people protecting you from them. Parents, friends, the housekeeper. It’s said to be so severe, even an epipen won’t help. Today, one slips through and lands on your shoulder. You hear a tiny voice say “Your majesty, what are your orders?”

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All my life, I've been told I suffer from such a severe bee allergy that it could kill me. Everyone always makes sure I stay as far away from them as possible. My friends, my parents, our housekeeper. The further, the better.

That’s also why I barely even leave home in the warmest seasons. If one bee stung me, nothing would save me, not even an epipen. I’d die with no chance of healing.

So, why has one just got in my house? The worst part is that I’m alone today. No-one is here to protect me. Maybe Fate has already planned to send me to the other world. I’m doomed.

I hear a tiny voice say, “Your Majesty, what are your orders?” Is this a joke? Does this mean more bees are set to come?

I’m tempted to ask who’s talking, but choose to keep quiet. Maybe it’s just all in my head. The only thing I have to do is to run, as fast as I can, as far as I can. I speed out of the house and rush to the street, but the bee catches up with me.

I hear that voice again. “Your Majesty, please stop running! You’re supposed to guide us,” it explains. What does it mean? I can’t even be near bees. They need to leave me alone.

“Go away! I know you’ll sting me and leave me to die! Go!” I gesture at the bug to stop bothering me, but it ignores me. Then, I realize that the voice that buzzes in my head comes from… that insect. No, I’m not hallucinating. The bee can talk.

“Come with me, Your Majesty. You’re our queen, you must guide and protect us.” The more the bug insists, the more I want to run away or find someone to kill it. I’m not the queen of bees. I’m just Saga, an ordinary girl with a mortal bee allergy.

So, what brought me to be elected as the new queen of bees?