Writing Prompt of the Week: May 29-June 4 (Dark, Dreadful, & Dystopian)

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Welcome to the 50th Writing Prompt of the Week!


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Week of May 29-June 4
Submissions: May 29-June 2
Voting: June 3-4
Winner Badge Awarded: June 5

Dark, Edgy, and Dreadful

These prompts are creepy, mysterious, maybe downright scary. There’s some prompts with room for comedy, though. Give us your best spin on a thriller, mystery, or horror short story. Whatever genre you choose, make sure there’s a spine-tingling plot twist or chilling ending for maximum effect!

This Week’s Prompt

Write a two sentence horror story.

Seongho shuts his room's window and pull the curtains closed, knowing his biggest nightmare is near, ready to kill him and turn his rests into his dinner.

Minho craves his victim’s blood; he won’t stop until he gives in and embraces his fate, all while knowing that failure isn’t an option and it would lead to his own, dreadful and filled with pain, demise.