Writing Prompt of the Week: May 8-14 (Non-Speculative "No Fantasy" Fiction)

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Welcome to the 47th Writing Prompt of the Week!


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Week of May 8-14
Submissions: May 8-12
Voting: May 13-14
Winner Badge Awarded: May 15

No-Fantasy Fiction

These prompts are grounded very thoroughly in reality. No magic, no science fiction, no fantasy creatures or worlds should be in submissions for these prompts. Stories can be modern or historical, maybe even slightly futuristic, but they must be based on reality and on earth as we know (or knew) it to be.

This Week’s Prompt

Write about a hypothetical interview with a celebrity from 60 years ago.

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"Welcome to Different Point of View, the show where we delve into celebrities' past and we learn to see them through different perspectives. This is your favorite sweetheart, Hyun Saeah, talking! Let's meet today's guest... I don't think I know him. Maybe he can introduce himself for the audience..."

“Oh, yes, I’m glad to have finally the opportunity to introduce myself to an audience, after sixty long years. I’m Won Daejoong, and I come from… 1963.”

“Oh, sorry, sir, there must be a mistake. There’s no show called 1963. Let’s ask the production for confirmation.”

“No need to ask, darling. 1963 isn’t a show. It’s where I’m from.”

“Oh… That must be such an… interesting… place… I assume it’s a road, or an area. Right?”

“No, no… I come from the year 1963.”

“Okay… So, audience, have you heard? Our guest can actually travel through time. Isn’t that amazing… Ah… The power of music. It transcends time.”

“You’re right indeed. But, hey, you look familiar indeed. Here, here. Look at this picture.”

“How uncanny! This woman really looks like my grandmother. How is it possible?”

“Because she is your grandmother.”

“How do you know her? And how did you come straight from 1963? There’s no time machine, no magic… Nothing of that sort.”

“Well, you’re right. I didn’t come with a time machine or anything. I just… hid for sixty years.”

“Excuse me, may I ask? Why haven’t you got old at all, though? You insist it wasn’t magic, so what was it?”

“Just good genes.”

“You make a good point… Okay… I have another question. This is very personal. Why did you disappear for so long? I guess you had a loving fan base back in the sixties. What happened?”

“It’s a long and complicated story, and I don’t think I can tell you on national TV. But it definitely involves your grandmother… and your mother too.”

“You can’t be serious. You can’t just tell me you walked out on my grandmother and pretend nothing happened. She has never told me either!”

“Well, I didn’t walk out on her. I was kidnapped.”

“Who did, though?”

“I said I can’t tell you on live TV.”

“Sorry… I guess we have to wrap up the interview for now… Let’s give our amazing guest Mr. Won the round of applause he’s due since 1963.”

“Yeah, I’ve been waiting for so long for an audience cheering for me. But I look forward more to telling the truth. One day, you’ll all know the reason behind my disappearance.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, this was Mr. Won Daejoong. And from your favorite sweetheart, Hyun Saeah, this is all for now. See you after the break.”

(By the way, I imagined an interview with a fictitious celebrity)