Writing Prompt of the Week: November 7-13 (Fantasy & Sci-FI (Speculative Fiction))

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Welcome to the 21st Writing Prompt of the Week!


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Week of November 7-13
Submissions: November 7-11
Voting: November 12-13
Winner Badge Awarded: November 14

Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Fantasy and Sci-Fi encompasses the broad genres, from paranormal to space opera to high fantasy to aliens. All things fantastical, magical, futuristic and paranormal are allowed in these prompts. There should be at least one of these elements in your submission.

This Week’s Prompt

You can control the probability of outcomes around you. When something will start, who will win, etc. You turn in a project to a teacher/professor/boss, changing the probability (to get an ‘A,’ to get the promotion, etc). When you get it back, there’s a note that says: “Don’t try your magic on me.”