Writing Site Updates

Haven’t been able to get on the site in a while, so I don’t know yet if we’re getting notifs in there. Last I checked, we weren’t. So notifs would be good, but if email is the only option, then maybe once a day or something?


I don’t think it’d be an issue either way if we have the option to easily opt out :slight_smile:


Filling the profile:
what it looks like

what it looks like on the editing end:

How do we get this to work properly? Or is it a glitch?

What needs to change? What’s happening that you don’t want? I mean I see the spaces, are you putting those in or are they appearing after the fact? I’ll need to know more to understand what might need to be fixed.

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The spaces, and the alignment. I’ve tried 5 times to get some stuff center aligned, but the alignment disappears as soon as I save. And the spacing isn’t working at all, either.

Okay I’ll see what I can do. For now, pop over to the text formatting tab and use <br> and <center> html tags to format and let me know if that works.

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the alignment tag isn’t working at all. The break tag is working well.

The distraction free mode button is pretty much invisible in dark mode… image

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not working:

The fields aren’t editable

Edit: Also changing the nickname in the nickname field isn’t actually changing it anywhere but in that field. Everywhere else it’s still the old nickname.

I see an updated username for you, is this still giving you trouble?

Where are you expecting your nickname to change? That appears updated to me as well.

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I don’t see that… I think there were three fields to fill when I joined, so it shows Novel_Worm on the ‘books by’ and ‘bookshelves by’ tabs, and the rest is still kvdalvi, which isn’t changing. Neither is Kira. (I’ve manually changed the author name on my book and the name in my description.)

Okay, can you give me the old username you want to change, and the new username you want to use now, then the old nickname and new nickname you want to use?

If something isn’t updating I need to see what fields those are and what’s preventing it from going through.

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Old username: kvdalvi
New username: Novel_Worm
Old nickname: Kira Dalvi
New nickname: Swarali Deshmukh

Okay, I’m seeing the nickname discrepancy, so I’ll work on fixing it. Your username is up to date though.

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This is probably going to take me a bit longer than I planned to fix–something isn’t mapping correctly. I’ll update it on the backend for you so it displays the way you want it to, but it may take me a bit to get it to work automatically.

nvm: I think it should be working the way you want now!

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Working now, thanks!

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Even the <br / > isn’t working for the profile field now…

For whenever you see this:
I assume the lack of contrast / different color in dark mode wasn’t intentional.

This should be fixed now.

It’s not, I’ll get around to updating it in the next few weeks.

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Added ability to “drag and drop” your books into your preferred order on your profile page.