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  • All roleplay threads are submitted for moderator approval before being publicly posted.
  • Thread creators are expected to moderate their own roleplay threads.
  • If players post content in direct violation of the forum Code of Conduct and the thread creator does not make a reasonable attempt to moderate said content within 24 hours, the thread creator will be penalized along with the players breaking the Code of Conduct.
  • Thread creators can request a temporary (up to 72 hours) responsibility “transfer” to another user in the event the thread creator will be unavailable.
  • Thread creators can request a temporary “closure” of roleplay thread for longer periods of unavailability.
  • Roleplay submissions will be reviewed by the moderator team and approved or denied based on the provided description and prior thread creator forum history.
  • Any questionable plot points, rules, or character requirements will result in denial and a request for the roleplay details to be revised.
  • As long as they do not conflict with the Code of Conduct, thread creators are allowed to write their own rules for their games and roleplays, including how many players can participate in the thread. Please be sure to follow these rules when participating.
  • Absolutely no godmodding or meta-gaming. If you’re unsure of what this is, read this article here.
  • If you see content that violates these rules, please bring it to the attention of the thread creator. If the thread creator can’t/won’t address the issue with the player in question (or is the player causing the issue), please flag the posts and a forum moderator will review it.
  • If you are a thread creator and your players refuse to follow either the Code of Conduct or the rules/guidelines you have created for your game or roleplay, please flag or reach out to a moderator for assistance.
  • No sexual roleplaying. We get it. Characters are totally shippable. But explicit content on Wacky Writers is not allowed.
  • Treat your fellow players with respect and inclusivity. You are not allowed to exclude other players based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation. |