Your Favorite... 💜💚

Random thread that will get updated when I or someone else thinks of a new topic. Feel free to post your own questions for others to answer!


Let’s start off basic:

  1. Your favorite movie?

It’s a triple tie between The Collector, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away.

  1. Your favorite book?

For years it was A Child Called It. I don’t have a current favorite.

  1. Your favorite video game?

Sims! Sims 4!

  1. Your favorite song?

Don’t have one. I love R&B though.

  1. Favorite name?

I have a few. I like androgynous names a lot - Jordan, Alex, Sam, Nicky are some.

  1. Favorite animal?


  1. Favorite comfort snack?


  1. Favorite superpower?

Talking to animals like Eliza Thornberry is super useful I think!

  1. Favorite subject in school?

It’s a tie between English and Forensics :mag_right:.

  1. Favorite place to visit?

Anywhere with beautiful clear water, tropical islands mostly. I cheat code this by going on cruises :sweat_smile:.

  1. Favorite season?

Winter :snowflake:! I despise heat!

  1. Favorite holiday?

It’s a tie between Christmas, my birthday and Halloween!

  1. Favorite emoji?

One: :blush:

  1. Favorite color?

Royal purple!

  1. Favorite saying?

One of mine: “Do your best!”

  1. Favorite TV show?

There’s so many! Most are animated, so that’s the best I can give you, haha.

  1. Favorite time of day?

Night! :owl:

  1. Favorite accent?

I love lots, but I really like Carribean and southern North American accents.

  1. Favorite country?

I’ve been to a couple on family vacations, so outside of being a tourist I’m not sure I could really say.

  1. Favorite sport (to watch or play)?

I like to watch whatever is happening in the Olympics and I enjoy most sports like swimming, soccer, baseball, things like that.

  1. Favorite phone app?

Online games are always fun, but I’d probably say YouTube gets most of my attention.

  1. Favorite ice cream/popsicle flavor?

Love mint chocolate chip ice cream! Popsicles are alright - I like fruity flavors like blueberry, cherry, and pineapple.

  1. Favorite drink?

Water! Always water with ginger ale as a close second.

  1. Favorite hot day snack/meal?

Ice cream! :wink:

  1. Favorite snow day snack/meal?

Hot chocolate with marshmallows!

  1. Favorite supernatural/fantasy creature?

Hmm… It’s hard to choose! I think werewolves could be fluffy little things with anger problems, unicorns could be cool and skewer me, and I couldn’t ever outlive a phoenix, fairies are evil… Maybe it’s a good thing I haven’t met these little terrors lol.

  1. Favorite celebrity?

I like lots, don’t really have a favorite… Beyonce’s pretty cool though.

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  1. Favorite candy/chips?

Candy - Reeses. If I go the fruity route then jolly ranchers.

  1. Favorite smell?

Lavender and vanilla are pretty awesome. Love the smell of cherries and other fruits too!

  1. Favorite place where you live?


  1. Favorite wild animal you wish could be a pet?

Gonna go back to wolf now. Capybaras are pretty awesome, too (but they can technically be pets, so…)

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  1. Favorite job?

my current one :wink:

  1. Favorite meal for lunch?

fast food if i didn’t pack anything, but if i did pack then a turkey sandwich with mayo and yellow cheese… oh, and mayonnaise!

  1. Favorite unhealthy snack?

ice cream!

  1. Favorite thing to do when you’re sick?

stay at home and game

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  1. Favorite thing to be reincarnated as?

Anything that doesn’t get eaten by humans or other animals would be nice, but that’s not how the food chain works… Another human?

  1. Favorite topic of conversation?

I love anything that gets my mind going, anime theories, conspiracies, theological discussions, etc.

  1. Favorite kind of entertainment?

I love movies, gaming, amusement/water parks, and museums!

  1. Favorite way to get revenge on your enemies :eyes::smiling_imp:?

Karma! It’s a wonderful thing!

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  1. Favorite way to turn strangers into friends?

I crack jokes… Like all the time and usually without even thinking about them - seem to work for me. :blush:

  1. Favorite superhero/villain?

Honestly, there’s so many… And I’m down with Marvel and DC… I love Storm, Black Panther, Static Shock… I see a pattern here lol. I have love for tons more, but my brain won’t compute right now.

  1. Favorite place to sneak off to when you should be productive (at school, work, or just in general life)?

Bathrooms for the win at work, or the halls. At home, my bed and under the covers like a snail lol.


These are three movies that I can watch over and over and always enjoy them.

  • Spirit: The Stallion of the Cimarron

  • August Rush

  • 2012

  • Interstellar (Recently, I was feeling like I have to watch it again even though I did just watch it last winter, so it’s the new one added to this list of always favorites.)

Why do you make me choose one? XD

  • The Storm Keeper’s Island trilogy by Catherine Doyle,

  • The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale,

  • the first two series of Warriors by Erin Hunter (after that it got kind of repetitive for me),

  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini (the easiest five star rating I gave to a book),

  • The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi,

  • His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman
    …you need to make me stop. I can go on for a really long time.

I don’t play video games :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently, Norupo or Anoana by Heilung (I have lots of songs I like and some just take centerstage in my brain for a while as my choice of song to hum)


Movie: I Spit on Your Grave (I’ll die on the hill that it isn’t anti-woman)
Book: The House by Simon Lelic
Game: Kingdom Come: Deliverance or Oblivion
Song: I don’t have one!! Currently listening to Lust by OXYBUZ and Marge Simpson by Cupcakke on repeat, though?


Spirit!!! Yes!!

I’m not familiar with any of these xD

Fair, haha.

I haven’t listened to cupcakke in forever xD.

I still haven’t seen it, but I do want to check it out since it sounds so polarizing.


She is on REPEAT in this house xD

It is. It’s a very hard one to watch, so go into it knowing that you may very well have to turn it off within the first 30 mins. There’s also zero shame in that, or even skipping through the two scenes that have caused so much controversy and getting to the good bits quicker. You know what happens in those scenes, the revenge mirrors what they did, but you don’t NEED to watch it. I just find it very freeing.


I’ll take your word for it :eye::lips::eye:

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You should be :wink: I highly recommend them all.

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I’ll be going on a Google run later xD

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I opened a reply only to realise I cannot answer any of these questions because they are literally impossible to answer… pain.


You can leave your own questions if you want xD.

I have too many favorites… of everything. :rofl: But a couple films would be:

You’ve Got Mail

Princess Diaries

Corpse Bride

I heard a Child Called It was horrifying. I’ve seen that it’s popular, but I’m too afraid to read it. :sweat_smile:

The Hunger Games

Red Queen


Alien: Isolation

Until Dawn


Planet Coaster

Some recent favorites include:

Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift

Watch the World Burn by Falling in Reverse

Don’t Talk About It by SkyDxddy


This is such a good movie! I’ve been meaning to share it with my sister (who has seen it before, but she doesn’t really remember it) but we’ve been putting it off because of its length lol

WHATTT? I found this song on TikTok randomly and it became a favorite and added to my book’s playlist. xD I didn’t think anyone here had heard of it. :rofl:


I know these two xD

Read this! Like years after it released.

I read a child called it when I was in fifth grade. I was reading it in class one day (if gotten it from the public library) and my teacher took the book from me and asked why my parents were letting me read it xD I remember telling her I read the back and it sounded interesting.

I heard the alien games are pretty good. And I know planet coaster!

I have not been keeping up with her new music, but I know so many people have been loving it.

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  1. My favorite movie?
    Any of the Alien franchise movies
  2. My favorite book?
    Ender’s Game
  3. My favorite video game?
    There are a lot of good ones, so it’s hard for me to choose. I’m gonna say Until Dawn though, because it also has my favorite cryptid creature in it.
  4. My favorite song?
    I don’t have a favorite song because it always changes depending on my mood. Currently I’m vibing to Sleep Token songs a lot though.

They are pretty good xD. I think I’m one or two movies behind now.

Heard of it but never read it.

Why am I drawing a blank on what this is?!

I will have to look up :eyes:.

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Currently? Dark Side of Dimensions

I don’t have a favourite book by my favourite series is the Wild Chase Series

I don’t video game :joy:

Don’t have one atm. Too many to pick from


Ooo, I don’t know this one, gonna have to look it up!

Sounds like an adventure fiction!

You’re missing out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

My dilemma!


Prometheus and Covenant are prequels but they are the newest ones and they are actually what got me into the original ones.

I highly recommend if you enjoy sci-fi.

It’s done by supermassive games and has multiple choices and endings depending on how you play the game. Starts with a group of kids going up to a ski cabin up in the woods that has an abandoned mine and an abandoned asylum nearby. So you know, all the cliche elements for a horror movie lol. It’s a survival horror game, which is my favorite genre of video games.

I enjoy their stuff. They are supposedly a metal band, but most of what I’ve heard is more poppy, so they are more accessible for the average person.

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I found Heilung on YouTube by chance. I first watched Krigsgaldr and then went from there. So by the time Norupo came out, I’d already been subscribed for a while. They’re pretty cool, aren’t they? :grin:


It’s one of the YuGiOh movies

Because it is! :joy: The heroes are Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase so it became the Wilde Chase series (the name actually gets bought up in one of the books and they say it suits their lives well :joy:)

Nah, not really a gamer


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