You're going out to dinner with THREE different fictional characters of your choosing...

Who are they and where are you eating along with what you eating?
What crazy conversations are you guys having?
Tell me anything else in detail if you want.

NOTE: These three fictional characters ARE NOT from your own novels/stories. They come from your favorite works of fiction.



If you got nothing to add or can’t think of anything, stick around and read the comments!


Doug from Up, Aslan from Narnia and Rocket
the Raccoon.


Not necessarily my favorite characters or books, but the ones who’d make the most interesting dinner companions:

Ignatius Riley from A Confederacy of Dunces
Greta from Big Swiss
Leah from Our Wives Under the Sea (after she returns from the submarine trip and starts turning into a sea creature)


  1. Ed
  2. Edd
  3. Eddy

We’re eating Jawbreakers.


Oh, I forgot: we’ll probably be eating in the most expensive restaurant in New Orleans, but I have no idea what that place would be. Maybe JLO can tell us. If I have to put up with these three characters for an evening, someone else is going to pay the tab, and it’s going to be expensive. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)


Nah, you will be paying



Then we’re eating at Riley’s hotdog cart. (-᷅_-᷄๑)


:joy: Of course we are.


Probably better to do a food tour. There’s several places worth trying out. But Pat O’Brien’s is solid.

Brennans is where Bananas Foster comes from. Paul Prudhome and Emeril Legasse are associsted with Commander’s Plaace, Cafe du Monde is only beignets but worth it as there’s not many places that cpuld outdo them,

Square Root is most ecpensive with a 15 course meal.

But you can also do a High Tea, which Ive done once in my life: I thi l it was Windsor’s Court.


There are geeat chepa options for meals in New Orleans. Rhwre is mo nwed to eat like crap.

All these places sound great! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

I don’t agree with Pat O’Brien’s. It’s the Yanks making a mockery of our suffering culture…

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This is a liat of places to go for dessert:

But weriiusly. Good food is common thriughiut our area.

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Not likely. We had a lot of Irish in a Southern French city. Its what makes the difderence between my Cajun area accent and New Orleans–heqvy Irish screwed up the language. Lol


In fact, dude ran a speakeasy:

The French never quit drinking, that I knew of.


I know, I was joking. P’OB’s looks like a good time. I didn’t know New Orleans had a lot of Irish, but the more you know. I also have a good list of places to avoid if I ever go to the USA. Places with the highest percentage of Irish ancestry.

If the people in Liverpool didn’t leave me alone for three days, I’d dread to think what the Americans would do if they found out I lived in Ireland :joy:

Hopefully, I will never end up in this town:

You have more than a 1 in 2 chance of being harrassed.


It really would depend. Sowm high Irish areas are extremely low other minoriites. At the least level of annoyance, just “Are you sure you’re Irish/lived in Ireland” could get annoying.

What bothers me most is that we arent a monolithic culture even in our monoliths.


I mean one of the biggest differences, here, is that the Irish and the Italain are Catholics and moved into a Catholic French/Spanish colony. Those of us who are Protestant or a derivative (like me) have lost our culture. We haven’t had the religious fights of other cities, historically, because the Protestants never had control. That’s why on most maps Coastal Louisiana is below the bible belt (which is Baptist dominated).


Yeah, I agree. Ireland in itself is becoming more diverse as well. The Paddies and the Seamuses are calming down, and there are more Patricios and Joaos. We seem to be slowly backing out of our sectarian mindset, which is good. It’s kinda annoying when people do that.

Yeah, it’s not just that. It’s when people find out you do actually lived in Ireland/are Irish, they start asking you questions like DO YOU KNOW MY UNCLE IN CORK? when Cork is almost 400 miles away from here, or AH YEAH, MY UNCLE SEAMUS LIVES IN BELFAST. SEAMUS MURPHY, DO YOU KNOW HIM? Murphy is like the most common name in Ireland, dude :joy:

Ireland is not a monolith. We have exclusive slang, exclusive foods, even have Black Irish Rappers (:open_mouth: wtf Ireland has a rap community?!), Halal food stores, Portuguese cafes, small variations of Chinatown, Hindu/Buddhist temples, Slavic food stores. There is this big one, and it’s mad. And EVEN REGGAETON NIGHTS :joy: For real, yes. It happens in Dublin. Dublin has a lot of Latinos, actually.