Ask the Team!

Umm, nope! There isn’t such thing in my inbox.

Are you sure?

It looks like this, except you won't have the admin bit at the top.

Yep! Pretty sure it doesn’t looks like that. See it for yourself :arrow_down:

Hmm, and if you click on the 3-line menu there at the top? The grey little square? Sorry, I don’t have access to a desktop right now to check and see. I am just trying to figure out if this is a technical issue at this point, I will message you about the username change if this doesn’t work out :slight_smile:

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That doesn’t do any good.

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I’ve sent you a message :slight_smile:

Hello. How do I make my account private?

You can go to your Preferences (click on your avatar in the top right), then click Interface on the left. Under “Other” there is an option to “Hide your public profile and presence.”

Users are unable to block/mute moderators from PMs.

I understand - regardless of the subject, PMs from moderators are unable to be muted/blocked. If you have concerns re: a moderator, let me know and I will PM you.

Users can’t delete their accounts after they’ve been around a while, but a mod can anonymize it for you. That means you’ll no longer have access to the forum and all personalized account information will be deleted permanently.

Let me know if that’s okay with you and I’ll shoot you a PM to confirm :slight_smile:

Users should not comment on personal threads regardless of following status. If a conversation occurs, you can politely redirect them to a chatters thread or split off the topic into the chatters category.

I should elaborate that technically anyone can comment on a personal thread, but that is against the rules of the category, so they should be discouraged from doing so.

Oh, we actually used to have that but it wasn’t very popular and it got scratched. But you can actually go into a users bio and look at this area to see who’s active:

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So, for Wacky Classified, if I am advertising an entire community which happens to have book clubs, is that fine?



@mayochuplover Made a post asking if they can make pinterest boards for people’s stories. What are your thoughts?

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Sure! I definitely think that falls under the definition of “miscellaneous service”. As long as the service/content of the thread has something to do with books/writing/authors, it will be fine in Wacky Classifieds.


I want to say yes, but I’m actually not sure - if you’ll point me in the direction of a reply that has more than 2 reactions I’m happy to look at it and test!


I think you can, just hover over the reaction?

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