Introduce Your Characters (Part 15)

Pfft wait ok this next part gets a little weird. Can you roll a d20 for me right quick?

Sadie curtsies and Amika bows before the bird royalty.

Nu: “Hello?” They hover above the floor, wringing their hands.

The Queen frowns. “But of course we did. We can’t afford to kill each other when everything else wants to.”

Yessei chuckles. “I can’t sing or play an instrument, but thanks.” She picks out a series of mangoes and oranges.

Izi shivers a little bit. “That’s scary. But I’d only die if it instantly killed me so… I’d wind up in the Spiritual Realm?”

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Sure engaging need speak! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The kind looks regal and the queen looks blasted out of her mind on whatever the bird equivalent to cat nip is :sweat_smile:

Zelda: “I present the regency of this land :sweat_smile:.”

Hailey: “Nu!” She attempts to surprise tackle them from where she was just… Floating 0.0

Ace: “everything else? Humans? Other demons? I’m a little lost.”

Heather: “I’m sure of you drink enough jungle juice you won’t even remember you can’t. :wink:

I’m assuming they made it through haha. Sooo they’re on the Griffin carriage with other oddities that I don’t feel like describing haha.

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ok i should’ve been more specific. can you roll a random number 1:20 and tell me what you get? this’ll be for who get control lol

Sadie: “Pleased as ever to meet your Highnesses.” She smiles, straightening up.

Nu: “Hailey! I was so worried I—“ They wrap their arms around her. “Are you okay? Please tell me you’re okay…”

Queen: “Oh the cold mostly,” she explains. “The cold never ceases. We’ve got to keep each other warm, you know? A dead body produces no warmth.”

yeah let’s go with that though.

Izi: “Ooh what’s this.” Curious thing reaches out for something hanging on the wall.

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17 according to Google generator lol

“pleased!” She shrilled back.

Zelda: “my mother is a bit”

A squeal from the bird woman makes Zelda laugh nervously

Zelda: “eccentric.”

She totally doesn’t rear back with creepy fangs and lungs forward to bite nu’s neck a la Heather style :joy:

“so you’re a ghost then? Demonic bodies are always heated,” ace explains


Let’s say the thing is a shadow persons weird lizard tail

“hey!” They yell

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Not dead! Recovering from tooth surgery

Ok I got a 13 Henry’s in control and Cherry can’t get out unless he lets her lol

Sadie: “Eccentric is…”

Amika: scowling “Certainly a word for it.”

Frightened, Nu demanifests, letting Hailey do her thing.

Queen: “No, we’re alive. Not demons.” She nods along to lead Ace down another hallway.

Izi gulps: “Oh shit, my bad.” He blinks. “Are you okay?”

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Oof XD I’m dog sitting XD and yay I hope you’ve got lots of ice cream!

Ooo fun but he’s not a jerk to my knowledge so he should let her out! XD so possession now? XD

Zelda: “okay you met the royals, let me show you my favorite place.” She tries to tug them along

Anddd her eyes are all blacked out cause demon possession is actively taking place in her world haha

She growls angrily and tries to grab my… but I bet they slip through her fingers haha

He enjoys his tour and wrinkles his nose with displeasure at something :eyes:

They help and grab their tail. “Are you blind?!”

Michelle points out a sign with a scowl

Keep all limbs, tails included, in the carriage and writhing reach at all times.

Michelle to the shadow “You’re out of bounds.”

The shadow person grumbles and moves from their spot.

lots of ice cream lmao that’s been where i’m at

yep sounds about right

Cherry: “Wait, this is your headspace?” The voice just kinda echoes in his head.

Amika: “Yes please.”

Sadie: “Ooh, is it a flower garden?” Both follow.

Just for fun I’ll say she can grab. Nu’s relatively unphased, and their eyes scream with confusion.

Queen: “This is the West Wing. It overlooks the rest of the valley,” She explains, motioning to the long line of windows on one side of the hallway. It’s a blizzard out, and there are little lights in the valley.

Izi curls up slumps next to Michelle. “Don’t touch anything. Got it,” he mumbles.

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Living in the freezer? :joy:

There’s like a giant treetop and then a big pair of bird eyes open in the sky. “Yes,” his voice echoes back.

Zelda simply laughs. “Of course not. Do I look like a wimp?” She brings them to an armored door deeper in the castle

Woohoo! XD

Hailey in a really sweet growl: “let me possess you dang it!”

Ace stares like he’s mentally far away

“You can hold my hand.” Michelle smiles and squeezes his. “We’ll get to where we want to be in about five minutes. Light speed travel.”

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living in the freezer can confirm

got a service-job teaching Python to middle schoolers though so :eyes: guessing i’m following in the footsteps of the mods being teachers lmfao

Cherry: “It’s really neat in here.” She traipses around. “Is this just a reflection of how you see the world?”

Sadie: “Aww.”

Amika: “This is a neat place… when was it built?”

Nu: «How could you possess a world, when the land where you walk is also your grave?» They shake their head. «You don’t… feel like her.»

Queen: “Are you alright, friend? Enjoying yourself?” She smiles.

Izi: “Light speed travel?” He chuckles awkwardly. “Oh, this will be fun, in that case.”

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:joy: y’all grow up so fast :sob:

Henry: “I suppose.” He spots a yummy mouse and launches toward it with shrieking excitement :joy:

“when the clan was founded,” Zelda explains and sings a quick bird song that opens up the doors to a war general’s heaven I presume

Oop Nu coming out with the threats xD

Demented Hailey hisses angrily before the real her seems to crack out for a second with a scared tear.

Ace shakes his head and thanks her for the tour before saying he has to go handle something. “Next time I’ll bring gifts.”

And light speed travel that I can’t even begin to understand the science for xD everything outside is a colorful blur

hey having experience herding sheep helps haha

Cherry: “What? Are you hungry? Do you just eat mice all day?”

Amika: “Oh wow.” Ze stares into the room, toes right at the edge of entering. “May I enter?”

Nu: «Mmm.» They snap their fingers, and suddenly there’s a Hota in the room. They’re wearing a floral skirt with a puffy, golden top.

Hota: “I–” They gulp. “I’m sorry, Meiste, I was busy, did you need me?”

Nu: «Yes.»

They gulp again.

Queen: “Oh, do you need a ride somewhere? It’s really dangerous in the cold.”

Izi also is a colorful blur since he’s mostly photons anyways. Technically that’s his true form but he can’t really access it lmao

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Alright little bo peep :rofl:

Henry: “of course not. I’m a personal bodyguard for the royal family… Mice just taste yummy.i think I’ll have some for dinner…”

Tgesky gets dark and he ry imagines flying high next to the moon.

Zelda: “as long as you don’t touch anything without asking. Are you into weapons?” She waves them in

Eve is looking around like Where’d her warm body pillow go :rofl:

Hailey darts toward Hota with killing intent xD

“No- actually, do you have any polar bears I can hitch a ride from?” :smiling_imp: totally gonna eat them xD

:sob: throwback to Mo’s short crush on him where she drew a pic haha

And they’re at a stop next to a giant dome of water and floating sib and other sea creatures.

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update: I am not dead i am at fiddle camp

Cherry: “What is this now?”

Amika: “I am,” Ze admits, stepping into the room.

Sadie: “I mean dad kinda makes me have to be. But not normally. I just like to see Mikmik happy.” She beams.

Hota squeaks, but Nu shields them.

Nu: «I need you to set things straight inside her head.»

Hota: “Why can’t you do it yourself.”

Nu: «I don’t feel like it,» they half-lie. «Just do it.»


Queen: “There are a few in the stable on your way out.” She smiles. “Take care in the cold.”

oh rip i remember that that was back in the day

Izi snaps back to reality really quickly as though nothing happened.
Izi: “Woah, wait, that’s super cool. How does it work?” He stares at the glass.

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That sounds like something SpongeBob would attend :rofl:

“this. Oh. Sometimes I dream about flying to the moon,” he says shyly.

“who is mikmik? You’re in the military?” Zelda looks at Amika.“Are you related to a general?” She looks at Sadie.“That explains a few things…”

Awww they don’t want to ruffle through Hailey’s head… Time to scar Hota! XD

He thanks her and skulks away :smiling_imp: gonna go try to stop Nu from kicking them out Hailey’s head haha

So old is right xD

“hyper speed?” Gio chuckles. “Come on, you’re t he genius :wink:

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hey maybe i am spongebob after all :joy:

Cherry: “You’ve never been? Omigod it’s amazing we should go!”

Sadie giggles. “I’m a princess. Ze’s my princex. We’re engaged.”

Amika: “Mikmik is her pet name for me,” ze admits with a hint of a blush. “I’ve always liked the military stuff but… I get to be up close to it now.”

oh fun


Hota: “I don’t want to do it, please, isn’t there something else?”

Nu: «You’re the most powerful mind magician in Meiste. Can I not coax you into it with a trade offer?»

Hota: “I…” tears hovering behind their eyes, they nod. “Okay, I can do it. We’ll talk later.”

Hota goes on to try and seep into Hailey’s mind.

Izi: “:unamused: No, I know how hyperspeed works… mostly. How does the tank work?”

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Living under the sea is on brand haha

“You’ve been?!” His bird eyes in the sky go wide. “Please!”

“Oh! Congrats on the engagement bond!! I must present you with a gift!” Zelda rushes and starts throwing a bunch of weapons around the room from a trunk :joy:

Yeah there’s no locked gate so he should be in XD

Also… the polar bears may have gone missing with some pink stains in the snow left behind :sweat_smile:

“Oh!” Lockie chuckled and tells him to be more specific next time. “Magic, duh.” She winks. “Come in.”

There’s a tunnel… more like a sewer they’ve got to go through to get to the water orb.

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very true :bangbang:

Cherry: “Of course!” She grins. “You’ll have to let me out first.”

Sadie: “Oh, no, that won’t be necessary.” She blushes awkwardly.

Amika: “We got engaged some months ago,” Ze shouts over crashing weapons.

Hota stares at the two other entities. «What… Hailey, are you okay?»

Izi: “Fair enough.” He floats through the tunnel in the air next to the group. “What kind of magic?”

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“How- How do I do that?” Henry smiled.

“Then I must provide something spectacular!” Zelda shouts over more metal clanging. And then she found it with a squeal.

Hailey rushed over to Hota in her head and practically tackled them while sputtering out a plea for help.

“Out!” Ace’s voice boomed in Hailey’s head

“Don’t know. Water fairies take care of that with witches and warlocks.” Lockie shows a pass and gets the group in for free. “Grab a breathing device if you’ll drown.” She passed out helmets to her boyfriend and Michelle.

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Cherry: “Uhm… good question. I think you just… relax your mind enough for me to slip out?”

Sadie gulps, squeezing Amika’s hand.

Amika: “Really, it’s alright.”

Hota feels their arms wrap instinctively around Hailey. They release as much of a soothing aura as they can but are intimidated by Ace.

Hota: “I’m not going to leave,” they respond with a gulp.

Izi: “Oh I won’t,” he answers. “But thanks anyways.”

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“too late, already found it.” Zelda grins.“Here you go!” It looks like an orb.

Henry tries…

Hailey yells at Ace to get out just as his slinky form rolls up to the house in the physical realm.

Hailey asks Hota what she has to do to kick Ace out

Michelle smiled.

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