Introduce Your Characters (Part 15)

Sadie: “Ooo what is it?”

A cherry slips out and back to reality!

Cherry: “Like that!”

A manifested Nu steps in front of him.

Hota: “I… I don’t actually know.” They gulp. “Hold my hand, I think I’ll try something.”

Izi smiles back: “Are we ready to go?”

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“it becomes whatever weapon best suits you. Magic!” Zelda beams.

:cherries: <— like this? :joy:

Henry flaps his wings and preens for a sec. “Terrific.” He looks at her expectantly for the moon trip

Ace’s eyes are completely black and his teeth are covered in polar bear blood xD

Hailey does just that in tears. “I’m sca-scared.” Her voice shakes

“Yep, into the world.” Lockie opens a submarine like hatch and drops into the water with a splash.

The others follow behind and think of it like a high tech Atlantis

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Sadie: “Ooh, Mikmik you gotta hold it. I wanna see what weapon you get.”

Amika reaches out for it gingerly.

Cherry: “I… have to call a friend to get us to the moon since I can’t do it myself,” She admits.

Nu: «You’ve caused enough trouble.»

Hota: “I am, too,” They admit. “Here’s what’s going to happen–I’m going to give you a bit of magic, all at once, and then you have to be the one to kick this dude out of your head. Okay?”

Pfft Hota’s gonna give her like a ton of magic she needa be ready.

Izi: “Holy crap!” His voice carries way too well to be underwater. “This is just… here???”

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Knock yourself out :eyes:… But let the record show I will die of they get something like a slingshot or boomerang or fan :rofl:

Zelda watches

"a friend ? How long will it take them to get here?” He squashes a mouse with his large foot and eats it

Ace: “dear friend. I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he lies smoothly

Ooo and isn’t she overflowing in life magic spray from the immortality pills… this fun!

Let’s say she shamu’s dude out her mind blowhole epically :joy:

Michelle: “what do you mean?”

There’s schools and pods of creatures roaming about humanoid and monasteries underwater beings.

A little kid swims pass izi and he looks to be part seahorse. He smacks a few bubbles in izis face accidentally with his clumsy swimming

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:joy: Amika’s better than that

A trident! It’s a couple feet taller than Amika, but it’s carbon-fiber so it’s pretty lightweight.

Sadie: “Omg it looks so good with you! A perfect fit!”

Amika: “It’s huge. When would I ever use it?”

Sadie shrugs.

Cherry: “Oh, I can just summon her.” She clears her throat. “WILDFOOT!”

Within thirty seconds, a huge wolf with black fur bounds up to greet Cherry and Henry.

Nu: «Recall that I am this place.» They cross their arms.

I’ll also add that it’s enough to force Hota out, and so they pop out and into their own head, too.

Izi: “How do they just… live, underwater?” The bubbles float right through him like he’s not even there. His whole strategy is just being ghostly so he doesn’t have to breathe lol. “I mean, the Sirens do it in Meiste, but they don’t have whole cities, I don’t think.”

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Zelda shrugs too. “But it does look good. And you’re like a what akin to a dolphin clan member? So it’s fitting!”

Ooo zinka would love the wolfie!

Henry jumps back for a second.

Ace: “:flushed:” he truly did forget :crazy_face:

…no clue how that works but sounds like freaky inception haha

“Magic, adaptation, and human innovations. Humans may want to kill us, but they’ve honestly helped us advance so much.” Michelle smiles. “There’s hotels down here too for vacations.”

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Amika: :unamused: “I’m not a dolphin.”

Sadie: “Mikmik it looks fine,” she rests her hand on Amika’s shoulder.

Cherry: “Wildfoot, can you take us to the moon?” She scratches behind the huge wolf’s ears.

Wildfoot hangs her tongue out with a hint of a nod before she shapeshifts into a huge phoenix.

Nu: «*Leave before I make you. And don’t come back.»

ig it is freaky inception lol

Hota staggers backwards into the wall to face Hailey, and if it all worked, then Hailey should be back to normal.

Izi: “Right, I forgot humans in this world are hostile,” he mentions. “But this place is beautiful. I haven’t seen anywhere like it before.”

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“That’s the closest clan you would for info :smile:” Zelda says kindly.

A church like bell rings of around the tree castle…

Wth ok I like this pet. Where do I buy one? :eyes:

Henry asks if he’s supposed to follow behind while staring the creature down. “This is safe, correct? I would like to return… :sweat_smile:

Bye bye Ace xD go make friends with Bubbles lol

Ace: “:eyes:… But I don’t want to. I like it here. There plenty of new people to corrupt :smiling_imp:.” He starts showing his fangs in a snarl and flexing his large claws in ah effort to intimate Nu to letting him stay… Because in my head demons are like vamps and need permission to stay a place xD

Cool. She is! Hailey holds her head groggily and asks Hota while swaying her head of they’re okay.

“Thank you. And it seems like you’re getting a hang out your temporary body.” Lockie walks through a busy market while holding Gio’s hand.

Michelle moves closer to Izi to whisper, “are you doing alright? I noticed there no bubbles coming from your gills… You are breathing, right?”

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Amika’s ear-fin twitches and ze looks around to the sound. “Mmm?”

Wildfoot’s a demon she has a humanesque form that she doesn’t like very much lol

Cherry: “Oh it’s fine–she knows what she’s doing. We’ll make sure you return :grin:

Nu: «Three…» They count.

Hota: “I’m fine, I’m okay,” They sputter, pinned up against the wall for balance. “Are you okay?”

Izi: “Technically I’m not breathing,” he whispers. “But I’m fine since I’m dubiously alive anyways, you know? Kinda halfway between the realis and the irrealis right now.”

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“the soldiers have returned!” Zelda rushes out the room, sternly telling the couple to stay put… And now they should just be surrounded by pretty shiny weapons.

Oop she said forget this plebian race xD but cutie! I still want one haha

Henry swallows and nods. “Okay. I’ll hold you to that. If you lie then I peck you to a bloody death :dizzy_face:

Ace frowns. “Just let me stay. I didn’t hurt anyone.” He grumbles like an upset teen.

Omg wtf my keyboard really hates me because I never check spelling and have noticed so many typos my last few messages :smiling_face_with_tear:.

Hailey hugs them tightly, probably properly squishing them so like oops for losses of air xD

“Thank you!” She felt so much love and gratefulness for Hota just then, probably projecting some of it.

“that sounds scary each time you say it. I mean it makes sense, but still scary.” Michelle asks if she can still hold his hand in that state. “We don’t want to lose each other in This crowd. I forgot it’s a full moon festival tonight.”

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Amika sighs: “Did you hire her, be honest.”

Sadie throws her hands up: “I didn’t, I promise. If you’re getting tired we can go home…”

fair enough she’s pretty cute when she’s not being upset lmao

Cherry: “Be my guest :grin: I can’t die.” She pats Wildfoot’s back. “Let’s go!”

And she’s off!

Nu: «Two…»

hey the typos are funny :joy:

oh did we drop Heather and Yessei somewhere lemme see

Hota: «I can’t breathe–but you’re welcome!» Properly-squished Hota talks telepathically.

Izi: “They have festivals under the full moon?” He blinks. “I guess that makes sense. Is it a cool festival?” He dips back into the physical realm, taking a huge breath in the water and grabbing Michelle’s hand while bubbles come out of his gills.

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Zelda would be like did they get kidnapped or run away lol

XD as are most ppl before get a mood swing xD

Henry looks disappointed in the news for half a second before he’s yeeted with them :rofl:

Do your worst 0.0

Ace takes a threatening step forward. “Don’t you dare,” he bellows.

Thanks xD I’m just glad you’ve learned my language by now and can translate the hot mess XD and Oop yeah it mightve been me haha I think they were in the market and Heather was being a kitty so she’d be held xD

Meh Hota doesn’t need breath baby will be okay :rofl:

But Hailey squeaks and let’s him go with a mental apology and pink cheeks. Then she looks around. “Where’s Nu? Baby!” She yells a bit panicked.

“that was so cute! :pleading_face:” Michelle squeal.“And I’m not sure. I’ve only heard if them from Lockie. Water and the moon are connected through the tides, so they have festivals to show their abundance and thankfulness for such. This is the time that creatures can travel the farthest with their heavy treasures and good because the waves help them along. I’m sure you’ve heard of underwater civilizations being more advanced, well, the moon is why.”

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pfft true

Amika: “I don’t wanna go home. She could be a powerful ally.”

Sadie: “You’re not wrong, but that’s Dad’s job, right?”

Amika shrugs. “Never hurts to introduce people.”

true true

Cherry whoops as they soar up into the sky. She charms Henry so that an air bubble stays around him the whole time lol.

oh I intend to

Nu: «One…»

tried to find it and couldn’t so i’ll pick up from there lol

Yessei strokes the cat in her arms, picking up vegetables from some stands, and making small talk here and there.

Hota: “It’s not safe here right now,” They answer. “We need to go, and fast.” They reach for her hand. “We’ll be back, it’ll be fine.”

Izi blushes when Michelle calls him cute lol, but he goes on talking: “I hadn’t–I had no idea of that at all. It makes me wonder what goes on under the waves back home.” He pauses. “But it’s beautiful and you’re right–it is very high-tech. It makes sense that the tides would add to that.”

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Zelda returns joyously. “The whole squadron returned!”

Nice haha he’s enjoying this flight. Can he talk in the bubble? :eyes:


Ace digs his hands into the ground defiantly.

I just figure bud would be like too much work it’s fine just behave haha

“Do you know the people you’ve spoken to?” Heather licks a paw and wriggles her nose.

Magical cat nip must be found!

Nice haha

“But nu!” She panics. “Where’s my nu?! :pleading_face:” she willingly moves with hota who I assume is about to blip them?

She blushed at a thought, peeking at his lips.

She got sidetracked wondering if he tastes like fish sticks now :joy:

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Amika and Sadie clasp hands and whirl around. Sadie: “Who’s back?”

yeah he can talk in the bubble lol

I mean he hurt Hailey though. Erebus didn’t really hurt Hailey but touching the sheep means he’s got another thing coming.

Nu: «Zero.»

And new gives him the ban boot

Ayo magical catnip!

Yessei: “Well, I know them better than they could hope to imagine.” She smiles and hums. “So no.”

Nah Hota’s just running them both outside bc they don’t have teleportation.

Hota: “I don’t know, we just need to go. Whatever that thing was in your mind could come back. That’s worse than whatever could happen to Nu right now.”

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:joy: extra spice lmao

Izi: “Hello, Meiste to Michelle.” He waves his little hand-fin in front of her face.

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Oop lol

“Huh? Oops, sorry! Were you saying something?”"

“The soldiers! They returned from the Frontlines.”

Awesome! He asks how long it will take to get to the moon.“And I’m sorry, but what exactly are you?” He gestures with his break to the new demon.

Lol new not nu xD and awww by really loves gallery :pleading_face: sweetie! :heart:

Ace looks around in shock at being booted back to hell xD

“…what?” Heather stretches up to lick yessei’s Cheek


Haley : "wait, something bad coul Happen to nu?"She cries hysterically

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Izi: “…you’re cute.” He mumbles, failing to shield his darkening-blue face. “That’s what.”

Amika: “Who are they fighting?”

Sadie: “Do you throw them a party?”

Cherry: “Oh, she’s just Wildfoot. Another demon. Good friend.”

Wildfoot acknowledges but doesn’t speak lmao.

Hota: “I–”


They jolt at the omnipresent voice. “Yeah it’s safe to go back. Nu’s fine.”

Yessei giggles: “I’m still a soothsayer. Nothing’s changed.” She plops an avacado down in her bag after paying.

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Michele blushed bright and fidgeted cutely.

“a celebration feast, very simple.” Zelda smiles.“The races are coming together against the boar clan…” Her voice gets lower like she doesn’t want to talk about it more


Henry grins. “And just how many times have you been to the moon?”

Hailey rushes back, screaming nu’s name in a panic

“That way!!” Heather points her nose and tail like a hunting pup

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Izi cracks a small smile: “Thanks for showing me around. It’s a nice world.”

Amika crosses hir arms to listen further and Sadie waits eagerly, not having realized Zelda doesn’t wanna talk about it :joy:.

Cherry: “I don’t know if she ever has,” she laughs.

Nu: “I’m here, I’m here,” they assure, whirling around with their hands outstretched. “I’m ok.”

Yessei: “Mmm?” She follows Heather’s nose. “Are you luring me into a trap,” she teases.

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