Introduce Your Characters (Part 15)

“I think it’s pretty fantastic. Ooo!” Michelle spots some seahorse rides with real oversized seahorses. “Can we do a lap together?”

Lol oh gosh XD

Zelda: “nothing more to know! :blush:” her voice goes really high and guilty XD

Henry: “wai-wha- you’re sure we can get back right?! :cold_sweat:

And tackle to the ground! XD

“It’s a yummy trap!” Heather giggles and spots what she wants. “That!” Cue catnip lip licking!

Izi nods: “That sounds nice. Dunno how I’ll ride a seahorse without legs.” He chuckles. “But I’ll figure it out.”

Sadie: “Oh alright. :grin:

Amika’s not that gullible but lets it go for now lmfao.

Cherry: “Mostly positive!”

Nu relaxes significantly when they hit the floor before snapping their fingers and sending Hota home lol. “I’m alright,” they whisper.


Yessei: “Heather,” she whines, struggling to pull her away from the stall where the vendor stares quizzically at Yessei before she purchases the catnip.

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I got my second eye surgery today so I prob won’t be around for a day or two but we’ll see

Michelle: “you can hold onto me,” she teases and gets in line. They’re up next after some kids or guppies haha


Zelda: “hey, have either of you seen Henry?”

Henry: “:cold_sweat: I-I’m putting my trust in you.”

And kisses all over nu’s face haha. “I’m so happy!”

Heather: “catnip!” She swishes her butt happily

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second eye surgery! i hope it went well

aww guppies :pleading_face:

Izi: “It might come to that,” he admits. “I haven’t ever ridden horseback.”

Amika: “Ooh wait, we must’ve left him.”

Sadie: “My bad.”

Cherry: “Good choice!” :joy:

he’ll be fine lol

Nu: “I am, too,” they admit. “Got frightened there for a moment.”

Yessei: “Just take it in stride,” Yessei giggles, scratching behind her ears.

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It did recovery is much better than the first eye but still annoying haha

Awww izi could have guppies like a male seahorse haha That’d be be An interesting thanksgiving dinner story

Michelle: “Really? You didn’t have to learn as a Royal? I find that intriguing.”

Zelda’s jaw drops abs then goes back to normal. “Let’ me show you to your lodging for the night in case you decide to stay and then I’ll look for him.”

Good haha

He just filed for the ride, exuding an air of panicked oh god what have I gotten myself into?! XD

“What exactly happened? It’s kind of foggy.” Mama leaned back to give nu space to sit up

Heather: “You should feed that to me i a bikini on the beach while I lay on your tummy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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hey that’s good news :bangbang:

that would be an interesting dinner tale yeah

Izi: “No I didn’t. Horses aren’t common in Zenestian tradition at all. Instead, I was taught to sail. The forest is much too dense to ride horseback through.” He paused for a moment. “In fact, from a historical standpoint, the use of horses was shunned for much of Southern Zenestian tradition.”

Sadie chuckles awkwardly: “About how far from home are we?”


Moon time! They get to the moon in record time.

Nu sits up. “I… I made a mistake. I was led on–taken for a fool.” They shake their head.

Yessei: “Quite the idea, hmm.” Her mind wanders as she drifts through the market place.

hmm reaching into Yessei’s bag of lore to see what kind of drama i can stir up :joy:

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So good! Even tho the doc came for me and was like you’re 26 not 16 expect recovery to suck :rofl:

"Really? Why ?” The stable guy helped the kids off the horses.

I’m looking at nu like…

Zelda: “No clue where you’re from. She shrugs and looks back to make sure they’re following

Nice haha. I’m assuming he can breathe and it’s flying around happily

Omg I just noticed my keyboard autocorrected Hailey to Mama lol

Hailey: “:pleading_face: Don’t say that about yourself. You’re so smart!” Emergency snuggles!

Haha awesome!

Heather is along for the ride and asks if she can have a tiny bite now

:joy: hey proving them wrong is a good thing!


Izi: “When the Zenéth people came south and unified the Zenestian people, they brought with them the horse, but a later revolution from Ir Nouzonif proclaimed horses to be a symbol of barbarism and used the Zenéth people as a scapegoat.” He shrugs. “Sucks I guess. I’m going to school in Obizoe–capital of the Zenéth province.”

Amika and Sadie follow, while Sadie struggles to explain where they’re from.

yeah he’s still got a bubble of air lol

Wildfoot shifts into her human form. She’s very tall and clearly strong, and her hair is long and wild. She lays down on the moon’s surface.

hey it still works

Nu: “I did though,” they explain vaguely.

I have plans though :eyes:

Yessei giggles and tells her she can before Anansi–in her full, half-spider form and all–crashes out of a portal and disrupts the market square. Following her is a strange man who can basically only be Yessei and Anansi’s father.

Yessei gulps and her face goes pale while Anansi rights herself and gives a hiss.

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Exactly! I’m still youthful dammit! :joy::joy::joy:

Michelle rubs her chin. “Hmmm. Do you think I could attend such a school?”


“Oh, that’s us.” Michelle holds izi’s hand and starts for the underwater horse.

And because I’m lazy they end up at the lodging. It’s essentially a cabin in a tree:… treehouse!

Love keeping characters alive :joy:

Henry looks at wildfoot. “Thank you, friend! Your form…”

Hailey cuddled harder because more love equals less doubt in her head haha.

“I love you regardless,” she whispers.

Oop XD

Heather quickly returns to her true form, grabbing yessei’s hand, ready to bolt with her. She stops breathing, trying not to do anything to draw attention their way.

Lol she’s like Anasi can handle herself :joy:

Izi follows along: “I can certainly ask around,” He proposes, mind wandering.

Oh nice treehouses!

Sadie: “And that’s where we’re from!”

Amika: “That didn’t make it any clearer, hon’.”

Wildfoot: “What,” She growls.

Cherry: “You like the moon? It’s a little underwhelming but… pretty neat.”

Nu: “Never for one moment have I doubted that,” they whisper back. “I’m… glad for you.”

Yessei: “We can’t just leave her. Go–get out of here!” She wiggles her hand, whipping a dagger out of the air.

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This would be interesting possibly :eyes:

Michelle smiles even more and the guy starts explaining in a quick fashion hit to control the creatures to go where you want.

“Hey, kid, you listening?!” he shouts at izi, noticing him thinking :joy:

Lol amika

Zelda: “ah. Fascinating.” She nodded even though she’d honestly tuned Sadie out about halfway through XD

Henry gets distracted from his compliment haha he was gonna say he liked her wild form because it was fast :joy:

“I do! I’ve wanted to visit this tree for a while. It’s that of the spirits.”

lol ace is somewhere kicking rocks, mad XD

Hailey blushed. “What happened to love?”

I mean… you could yessir you’re just a. Good vamp so you’re not gonna :joy:

And well she just gave away that they’re there XD

Heather sighs and decides she’ll help. “Alright, alright!” She magic up a handy dandy vampire killing sniper. “But I’m not trying to get close.”

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that would be very interesting :eyes:

Izi yelps: “Yep! I am.”


Sadie: “Oh, especially considering the history.” She nods.

Cherry: “Wait, you think this is a tree?”

Nu: “That means I love you,” They admit, clutching tighter. “Like a lot.”

:joy: well hey now we’re there

Anansi: “What the hell,” she snarls. “How did you get here–”

Yessei jumps ahead of her sister, blocking a dagger attack from her dad. “We need to finish him off, right?”

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I go to work in less than 12 hours and hate it…

And onto sea horses as the guy wishes them luck, thinking izi wasn’t listening ! :joy:

Zelda: “Yes, yes. We’ll, here’s your room. Are either of you hungry? If not, I have to take care of something and can leave you to your own devices.”

Henry: “Yes! With such large fruit! :drooling_face:

Awww nu has trouble expressing feelings :pleading_face:

Hailey moves in for a kiss. “Love you:” she hugs them close.

I’m glad you understood that because I have no clue what I was tryna say :sunglasses::joy:

Heathers just got a sniper trained on daddy XD

“move and I’ll blow your head off.” Heather hissed

oh rip hey i hope it worked out


Izi gulps–he clearly has no idea what he’s doing.

Sadie: “I could eat.”

Amika: “I’m full,” ze answers. “But thank you. Do you need anything done while you’re out?”

it’s more like a 'that’s the particular form of love they were feeling in that moment lel

Nu kisses her back, wrapping their arms around her in the same manner. In some ways, it was strange for Meiste to have someone to lean on–new, even–but they cherished it.

The old Vampire stopped and cocked his head. “I don’t die that easily.”

He snaps his fingers, opening a portal beneath the four of their feet.

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It did haha we start Monday :-1:t5:

Oop haha

Michelle is making laps like a pro before slowing to help Izi. “You’re not moving?”

“No no. But thanks. If you go that way you’ll reach food. Just tell them the prices sent you.”

Awww I love Nu!!

Hailey asks if Nu can come cuddle her back in the warm bed

Oh shi- and down to the tenth dimension she goes :rofl:

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Izi giggles awkwardly: “Yeah uhm… wasn’t listening.”

Sadie: “Thanks so much.” She grins. “Take care on your outing!”

Nu: “I can do that,” they giggle, struggling to push themself to stand.

I love that I forgot all of this dude’s stats lol

And the four pop up in a valley between two luscious mountains.

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Michelle laughed and took the reins to help him. “Like this.” She showed him how to hold and maneuver the strings properly.

“Nu? What’s wrong?” Hailey backed up to give them more room.

Love when that happens haha

Heather plopped on her butt with a Yowl and hissed at the dad whose name just escaped me lol

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Izi: “Oh yeah. The dude did say that, huh.” He chuckles a hair with an awkward gulp.

“I’m all good,” they chuckle a hair. “Just tired, you know.” They grip the wall behind them tightly as they can.

:sweat: so funny story forgot his name too

“Well, there’s nobody here to get in our way.” He pulled a shield out of thin air before Yessei popped up behind him in a portal. Anansi takes her turn to just watch anxiously.

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Hola! How’s it feel to be an old age senior :joy:

She showed him around again and enjoyed their date with a happy sigh.

Yes she’s totally counting this as a date haha

Oops did I break nu? :eyes:

Hailey frowns. “Let’s lay down. Because that’s weird for you. You don’t get tired.”

Damn lol neglected character 101

Lol Heather just wants to shoot so let’s say she’s got a sniper XD

groan sure I’m guaranteed acceptance and free tuition to sixteen universities in my state but like

i still gotta college apps

but i got a school recommendation for a full ride to the university i wanna go to so :bangbang: i still gotta apply lmao

:joy: i mean hey if everything’s a date

once called a lunch outing a date to bf and he went “um wtf this isn’t a date” i said “but it’s just us hanging out so i think it is” and he was like “yk fair”

Izi: “Hey, thanks for making the most of my… predicament.” He chuckles, riding next to Michelle as little bubbles fall out of his gills and float upwards.

nah this happened with Erebus

Nu: “I’ll be alright,” they chuckle. “This happened last time, anyways. Perfectly normal. I’ll be fine,” they insist.


also what was the name of Yessei’s to-be daughter??? I can’t remember and it’s driving me insane. (I had a stint of deleting my entire google drive by accident a couple months ago)

The old Vampire whips around to grab Yessei’s wrist, and bring it down with a yelp from Yessei. Now that his back is turned, Anansi sticks his heels to the ground.

“All yours, Heather,” Anansi shouts.

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