Introduce Your Characters (Part 15)

“Oh? You fight. I fight a lot too, it seems. I used to be into boxing, but then I got bored of that and I just did cage fighting before actually injuring a guy enough to give him a brain injury. Can I fight then?”

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“Fortunate? How?” She glide with him in the water through the small crowds. There’s some water street performers putting on a show that she stops for a moment to watch.

lol. she’s come so far! XD

Hailey: “Nu?” She continues playing in their hair.


LOL I love their sisterly banter xD

Heather comes back up for air with a completely (red? black? what color is vamp blood?) mouth.

Heather licks her lips: “Sorry, did you say something? :innocent:

“That’s a Masana question.” She chuckles. “But I can find her for you…?”

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Pissy nods. “Sure. As long as she’s chill with it, and my brother, Gabe doesn’t join.”

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Izi: “That it all wasn’t worse,” he admits with a hair of a blush. “And that I have you with me.”

Nu: “Mmm?” Eyes closed and arms weak. They only barely cock their head.

(let’s go with deep maroon)

Yessei: “Good meal?” She smiles.

Anansi: “Reminding her that her life is on the line,” Anansi answers honestly, pointing at Yessei.

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Michelle smiles brightly. “How do you think the people back home would react if they could see you right now?” she chuckled gently.

“I’m just curious. Have you even cut all your hair off?”

kk haha

Heather licks her lips again. “Oh no! Are you hurt?!” She starts fawning over Yessei with worry.

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“I bet Masana would be,” Eer responded, waving Pissy along. “You have a brother?”

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Izi: “‘Blasphemy,’ they would shout,” he giggled. “Oh I wonder if Hota’s ever started up their church that they wanted to do. I hope they’re doing well.”

Nu: “I mean… there’s… no skin under it,” they answer with a yawn. “Why?”

Yessei: “See, Anansi, she couldn’t hurt me if she wanted to.”

Anansi rolls her eyes: “Suit yourself. I’m not sticking around you too much to find out.”

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Pissy nods. “Yeah, he’s Gabe, but I call him the lost Backstreet Boy. He’s positive, and all that crap. He surprisingly has a wife and three kids. I dunno how, but there we go.”

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Michelle: “Oh? Do they worship a god of sorts?”

She shivered. “Don’t tell me that or I’ll flip your cap to see what you’re thinking,” she teased. “I guess I’m still just curious about your anatomy sometimes.” She hummed for them.

Heather cuddled close to Yessei like a happy kitten. “Hey.” She looks at Anasi. “…You should visit sometime.”

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Eer: “Is positivity not a good thing,” she hums. “But, how old is he?”

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“Not when it’s toxic, and the same age as me. Thirty-two.”

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Izi: “Well uhm. The Hero of Life’s claim to the throne was that she was chosen by Meiste itself, and so about a billion Zenestians worship Meiste itself–which isn’t far off from the truth. But also, some still claim the old method that we were born from Meiste and thusly Meiste is more like a mother.” He shrugs. “Church of Zeneste is weird stuff.”

Nu situates their head in the crook of Hailey’s neck, whispering, “I like your voice.” Before they fade off to sleep and demanifest, leaving their limp, inky form against Hailey.

Yessei giggles with a wide grin.

Anansi: “Well, I’m sorry for roping you two into that whole… thing.” She pauses. “Can I take you out for lunch somewhere? I… don’t actually know where we are.”

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Eer: “Fair point. Not every situation can be made the most out of,” she chuckles.


Pissy nods. He starts to hallucinate a coffee cup with coffee inside it and licks his lips. “Why is there a coffee mug sitting there?”

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Eer: “I don’t see one.” She blinks. "Are you possessed with a demon? Has a spirit gotten to you?


Pissy growls at the ground. “BAD GROUND! Am I possessed? Dunno.”


Michelle: “So which does hota subscribe to?”

The performers so a cool stacking trick on top of each other

“I love you.” She playfully stroked their non physical form

“Sure thing.” She winks playfully. “We can maybe go to a nearby place. Let me look up something.”

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Izi: “Oh, Hota’s from Ytos.” He pauses. “But they’re a scholar of religion. So before the whole stuff with the Balancing–oh wait you weren’t there for that.” He pauses again, distracted by the performers before he shakes his head. “Sorry, where was I?”

Inaudible snoring. Just completely asleep lol.

Lmao wait i don’t think there’s cell signal where they are.

Yessei: “We’ll have to find signal first,” she murmurs.

Anansi: “Where did he lead us…” She sniffs the air.

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Michelle: “The Balancing? What’s that?”

The performers run into the crowd to grab performers… And they snatch up Michelle XD

Cutie! XD

I forgot where they even were XD

Heather frowns at the lack of signal. “Okay, back to the stone ages… At least we still have running water…”

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