Introduce Your Characters (Part 15)

Izi gulps: “Wait, hold on–” He chases after them until he gets to the front of the crowd.


(It’s Kairo’s universe lol bc Yessei’s/Anansi’s/Kairo’s are all intertwined)

Anansi: “Well, we’re not somewhere I recognize.”

Yessei spins a portal. “Or we could just go somewhere we do,” she suggest.

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And they’re throwing Michelle in a box… and then the swords come out, about to be pierced through…

Michelle: “what the heck?!” she bangs on the box.

… was that the dad’s name? I forget again XD

Heather: “true. why make life harder?” she holds Yessei’s hand

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Izi gulps, dashing forward before he can reconsider. “Hey! What is this?” Mmm good old Izi shouting coming back.

(I don’t actually remember the dad’s name: Kairo is Yessei’s post-final-death daughter from far in the future lol)

Yessei: “Especially when you can teleport,” she chuckles, holding Heather’s hand while she moves through the portal.

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Haha ah that’s the Izi I’ve come to know :rofl:

And stabby stab through box as Michelle squeaks in terror… And then all is silent :rofl:

Rip vamp daddy xD

Heather looks behind tk make sure anansi didn’t escape the forced bonding time. “We’re going to have fun.” She winks.

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Izi: “What is your problem,” he screams, mind racing to calculate his next move in a fit of worry.

Anansi: “Oh I’m sure of it,” she agrees sarcastically. “Where to, Seisei?”

Yessei: “Now that we have service,” she answers, sniffing the air, “what to eat?”

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“Ta-da!” They open the box and she’s gone.

Goo and Lockie re-enter the chat. “What’s going on here?” they ask with a childlike wonder in their eyes at the magic trick.

“Well, you only eat like a rabbit… ooo, I wonder if there’s any of those farm-like places. You know what I’m talking about?

She means a vineyard XD