Introduce Your Characters (Part 15)

Izi gulps: “Wait, hold on–” He chases after them until he gets to the front of the crowd.


(It’s Kairo’s universe lol bc Yessei’s/Anansi’s/Kairo’s are all intertwined)

Anansi: “Well, we’re not somewhere I recognize.”

Yessei spins a portal. “Or we could just go somewhere we do,” she suggest.

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And they’re throwing Michelle in a box… and then the swords come out, about to be pierced through…

Michelle: “what the heck?!” she bangs on the box.

… was that the dad’s name? I forget again XD

Heather: “true. why make life harder?” she holds Yessei’s hand

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Izi gulps, dashing forward before he can reconsider. “Hey! What is this?” Mmm good old Izi shouting coming back.

(I don’t actually remember the dad’s name: Kairo is Yessei’s post-final-death daughter from far in the future lol)

Yessei: “Especially when you can teleport,” she chuckles, holding Heather’s hand while she moves through the portal.

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Haha ah that’s the Izi I’ve come to know :rofl:

And stabby stab through box as Michelle squeaks in terror… And then all is silent :rofl:

Rip vamp daddy xD

Heather looks behind tk make sure anansi didn’t escape the forced bonding time. “We’re going to have fun.” She winks.

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Izi: “What is your problem,” he screams, mind racing to calculate his next move in a fit of worry.

Anansi: “Oh I’m sure of it,” she agrees sarcastically. “Where to, Seisei?”

Yessei: “Now that we have service,” she answers, sniffing the air, “what to eat?”

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“Ta-da!” They open the box and she’s gone.

Goo and Lockie re-enter the chat. “What’s going on here?” they ask with a childlike wonder in their eyes at the magic trick.

“Well, you only eat like a rabbit… ooo, I wonder if there’s any of those farm-like places. You know what I’m talking about?

She means a vineyard XD

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Izi takes a moment to situate his efforts, ignoring Geo and Lockie, focused on the magician: “Where did she go,” he practically growls.

Yessei: “Mmm… not quite sure.” She blinks.

Anansi: “Huh… You mean a vineyard?”

(Update: Just realized Yessei’s nickname “Seisei” could be read “sei2sei2” (死死) which means “death” in Cantonese :skull: real irony tbh)

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lol I just reread and renamed Gio to Goo and laughed XD

More colorful smoke pops up and Michelle reappears across the street on top of a buff merman’s shoulders XD

“What the heck?!” Michelle looks like a blushing stunned Pikachu.

OMG vampire to the max! XD

Heather: “Yes!” she points at Anansi like she just solved the puzzle haha.

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omg Goo new nickname

Izi groans. “Never again,” he growls at the magicians before he swims over to Michelle to reach for her hand.

it’s also ironic bc Yessei is cursed regarding death so

Anansi chuckles with a nod.

Yessei: “Oh right.” She nods too. “Yes, of course we can go to one of those.”

Anansi: “I know a good one where I live…”

Yessei: “By all means.” She chuckles.

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I lowkey love it haha

Michelle is placed down by the guy and thanked for her help in the act.

“Um… You’re welcome?”

Lots of people clap at the trick and Michelle grabs Izi’s hand nervously. “She looks at him and quietly apologizes for getting kidnapped lol.

Oh yeah… I forgot that little nugget lol

Heather: “please.” She nods with excitement. “This should be really nice. :innocent::relaxed:

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Izi: “Don’t worry about it, you didn’t do anything wrong,” he whispers back, looking around before his eyes land on Lockie and Goo (no autocorrect this time :joy:)

Yessei: “Oh for sure,” she answers, opening up a portal. “Is this the place,” she asks Anansi.

Anansi: “Sure looks like it.” She nods.

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XD awesome I feel like that’s a cute name - new pet name

Michelle: " :face_holding_back_tears: Thanks."

Gio: “What’d we miss?”

Lockie: “I feel like it was something important.” she spots ixi’s upset fish face

heather looks around. “oh wow. it doesn’t smell like toxic city fumes, definitely the place.” she smiles.

Pissy is still there.

eep! sorry i disappeared on you

Eer: “You don’t seem it,” she answers after a moment of thought. “Maybe you’re just thirsty for coffee?”


He nods. “I need some.”

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Izi: “It’s…” He gulps. “You ever just get stolen and sawed in half? Yeah that’s what Michelle’s been up to unintentionally.”

Anansi: “They call it ‘Georgia,’” Anansi answers. “Some would describe it as having rampant fumes–not city ones, albeit, but.” She chuckles.

Yessei: “Georgia? Such a strange name.”

Anansi: “Oh, honestly, Mahyemai is a crazier name.”

Eer: “We’ll get you some coffee… I think we’re lost,” she admits. “So, we’ll find coffee before base camp.”


Pissy nods. "Good. You’re a lot nicer than Tatibitch

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Ooo congrats! I’ve been buried under mountains of work and having an existential crisis about my mortality xD

Gio, confused blinking… “What?”

Michelle nods. “Yep. Kidnapped and cut up.”

Heather: “where? And Georgia is known for its juicy peaches! How don’t you know?” She playfully tried to yank Yessei toward the barn she spots that I’m suddenly saying is there haha.

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Eer: “Well, I try to be nice, you know?” She chuckles. “It’s a hard world–and hard enough without anyone else making it harder.”

Oh the human experience indeed

Izi: “Yep…” He confirms again. “Yeah not fun.”

Yessei yelps and laughs while she’s pulled along, with Anansi trailing behind.

Yessei: “No, Georgia is known for peaches? Well I’ll have to try some.”

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now wait until you’re sweating over the results… yay growing up.

Michelle looks at Izi and pets a fin. “You know… You look an awful lot like talking sushi right now,” she teases.

Heather: “Ooo, peach wine. But you don’t drink, right? What about you?” she looks at anasi.