Introduce Your Characters (Part 15)

:sweat_smile: yay growing up

Izi giggles: “Sushi’s one of those Earthling foods, right?”

Yessei chuckles: “No I don’t drink.” And she leaves it at that.

Anansi: “It’s poison for us,” she answers. “Anything over 2 percent alcohol tears up our blood streams.”

Yessei gulps.

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“I appreciate it.” Pissy says as he sniffs the air some more. “Does something smell off?”

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She nodded with a slight smile, happy to brighten his day.

“You’ve never had?” Lockie asks.

Gio, with a serious face: “you’d be surprised how cannibalistic fish can be…”

Michelle continues looking izi’s way and holding his hand. “Want to try some?”

Heathers eyes go wide and looks concerned. “Yeah… let’s keep you both away from the wine, maybe just grape juice… but I’ll have to try that next time I need to kill a vamp…” she says the last part quietly.

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Somewhere in a different dimension, in someplace cold and dark, a figure is patiently waiting for the day it’s prey finally arrives. It stares into the endless abyss of trees and the isolation it has come to be one with. Content with its life, it stands on a boulder overlooking the horizon. It thinks to itself, “This is my horizon, this all belongs to me.”

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Eer: “Oh, you’re right,” she mutters. “What is that smell?” She sniffs some more.

Izi: “Oh yes sure,” Izi nods. “I don’t suppose my digestive tract has changed too too much.” He pauses, rubbing his belly. “Or, I hope.”

Yessei: “Yes do that on somebody else–not us.” She chuckles. “I do quite like grape juice!”

Anansi murmurs to herself in a foreign language.


It smells like a mixture between blood and a burning corpse of some kind.

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One moment, they’d just finished a successful sermon–the next, suddenly face-down in a strange new place.

[Hota] pushed themself to sit up, hastily covering their glowing, blue eye with their eyepatch. They hadn’t seen anything–yet. In fact, they barely could.

Wegshi hotautawoo?” They grunted, standing up. Where am I?

Eer: “You didn’t just start smelling that… right?” She gulps, taking another sniff.

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Pissy sniffs harder. “I smell that, and also some weird woody scent?”

Eer: “That’s strange, where’s it coming from?” She points her nose to the smell. “Any ideas?”

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Something is screaming in the distance. Pissy’s ears perk up and he points in that direction.

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this figure gets back up onto its feet “…That’s not supposed to happen.” It says looking around, then at Hota, almost as if it recognizes them

Michelle: “I remember you telly liked fish one of the first times we went out. It was to that music event.”

“We.knoe.a place!” Gio and Lockie grin and tell them to follow.

Heather stares at Anansi, wondering what she said curiously lol

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Eer: “Oh good lord. We should go check that out, right?” Eer takes a step in that direction.

Hota quickly slips the eyepatch back on, covering their eye. “Who’s there?” They gulp and stagger back.

Izi: “Oh I love fish,” Izi answers. “I’d practically eat it for every meal if I could.” He quirks his eyebrow when Gio and Lockie say they know a place, reaching for Michelle’s hand as he follows behind them.

Anansi sniffs in her direction.

Yessei: “Oh, this is a beautiful barn!” She opens the door. “Oh and it smells nice, too.”


“…You’re not supposed to be here.” The figure says walking through the mist to reveal itself to Hota. It seems to look almost identical to that cyclops who always infiltrated the kingdom. Only this time, it’s eye is black and this creature has a threatening aura.

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And let’s just say there’s a magical bubble Lockie points to. “We step through that and it’ll warp us to my favorite spot.”

Gio: “did I mention fish are cannibalistic? :sweat_smile:” he repeated himself.

“Ooo, you just gave me a good idea for a date. We should go to one of those places where they make your own perfume.” She winks at yessei, giving up on anansi’s answer haha

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They get to the location and a group of rogue vampires is attacking several gang bangers in the woods. They’re screaming for mercy at their hands.

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Hota: “No… clearly I’m not,” they answer. “I don’t… I don’t think I remember you…”

Izi: “Yeah you did,” Izi answers Gio. “But I think that’s only for fish in environments where they don’t have food, right? I wouldn’t know–never raised fish."

Yessei: “Oh, for sure.” She giggles.

Anansi: “They have places where you can just… make perfume?”

Eer: “Oh, what is this,” she whispers to Pissy.


Mark???: “Then leave.” It says, the aura still as threatening as before

Pissy looks around and smells the air and looks around and hears loud screams very clear. “I think the vampires are attacking them, and they want to eat them.”