Introduce Your Characters (Part 15)

The man looks up and squints.

“Hello?” he calls out.

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Mo looks toward the voice. “Huh?” She squints out the sun.

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“Who’s there?” the man calls out again. “You stand before Casus…”

He breaks off, thinking to himself, stop acting like a leader. You’re not one…not anymore.

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(THE RETURN OF MO! :gasp:)

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Haha, child she’s married with one kid and another on the way now XD. I’ve been busy with her character XD. But here she’ll be the OG teen version haha.

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Mo looks at the guy. “Casus… You look lost.” She furrows her dark brows and studies his clothes. “…And something tells me you’re not a student at the school…” She sounds skeptical.

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Casus looks at her.

“School? What school?”

He blinks.

“I’m a ruler…well, I was, anyway.”

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Mo chuckled and placed her hands on her hips, jutting one out. “Tell me you’re not a whiny prince.”

@48lexR shots fired :joy:

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Casus blinks again.

“N-no,” he stammers.

Under his breath, he mutters “I do know some prince from another kingdom was a bit whiny…no offense to Njem Njem.”

He winces.

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“Oh…” She walks closer and reaches out her hand. “I’m Monáe.” Her French accent slips out for a moment and she looks up (because 9/10 times people are always taller than her XD).

Casus also puts his hand out.

“I’m here trying to find info on…uh, well I guess you could call it dark magic.”

He tilts his head slightly.

“What about you?” he asks in curiosity.

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“Magic? Dark magic?” She pauses. “Are you sure you’re not looking for the university, that’s where I just came from. I’m a freshman there.“ Mo shakes his hand. “Casus, an interesting name.”

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Casus shakes his head.

“No, I’m trying to figure out what happened…well, you see, um…an event that happened…because of dark magic…”

He trails off forlornly.

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“…” Mo blinks. “You’re just radiating nervous energy. So, let me guess, you, or someone you know did something you weren’t supposed to and bad things happened?”

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Casus gulps.


He swears under his breath.

“And it was a stupid mistake…”

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“You don’t have a reversal spell?” She almost scoffs, but holds herself back. “No charm? Nothing?”

Casus sighs.

“That’s the thing…no one realized how bad it was. Like…we all knew it was bad, but aside from actively using it. We didn’t realize it could be overused to the point things happened after it was stopped.”

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(OOOH Burn. ouch Izi’s hurt/j)

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Izi: “Wait, but some of you can’t?” He furrows his brow.

Anansi: “I’m…”

Yessei: “She’s a good sister,” Yessei grins. “Wouldn’t trade her for the world.” Curse or no curse, she was tempted to add. And Anansi nods in unison.

Auk: “Make me.” She sticks the sword out in front of her as a gesture of confrontation.

Hota: “Oh, fascinating.” They blink. “Hell is neither how the Christians imagined it, nor the Nourebists, nor… well, anyone really.”


They need to meet back up for a friend outing!

“Yeah. Lots of animals have adaptation, don’t they? I’m magic. Don’t tell me it’s weird to need to be partnered up.” Lockie smirks.

Mature a cougar… sigh make you a cougar!

“It’s really sweet. I’ve just got my brother and sometimes we fight over who is the better caregiver.” Heather snickers. “Have you met my brother, Anansi?”

“Oof. Sorry to hear that… Are you looking for some type of cure now then?” She pulls out her tablet and starts getting to work on something, looking up every few moments at Casus.

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