Introduce Your Characters (Part 15)

Mark???: “Here, come with me. I know a place where you can stay for the time being.” He says walking towards the rest of the woods Ugh, this guy is a complete imbecile- He thinks to himself

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Pissy is confused. “I was talking to the vampire. Not you, you did a good thing.”

omg please!

Izi: “I mean that’s true…” he pauses. “Well, is that magic an adaptation?”

(His name is Eric, right?)

Anansi: “Mmm… no, I don’t think so. Is he nice?”

Yessei: “I find he’s good company.”

Hota follows. “This is a neat place,” they mention.

(Oh rip me, I misunderstood: thought the “eat a deer” bit was from one of the vampires mb)

Auk sheathes her sword. “Got a little caught up,” she murmurs.


on the books! she can pencil him in between drawing and making sure Hailey doesn’t do something stupidly dangerous haha

Lockie: “Yep. When your numbers get threatened you figure out how to adapt quick.” she giggles as someone brings over some tasty fish treats that look like a type of seaweed. “I asked them for this when they seated us.”

“Oh, is that magical kelp?” Michelle’s eyes light up. “They make you blow the biggest bubbles underwater.” she looks at Izi with childlike joy.

…you just made me have t question myself, haha, yes.

Heather: “He’s a big baby,” she snickers. "But he’s a good partner in crime. I think he’d enjoy your dry humor."She giggles at the thought of the conversations Eric and Anai would have.

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(It’s fine lol)

Pissy nods. “It’s fine. Those vamps are bishes anyway, they deserved it.”

a perfect schedule :joy:

Izi: “Is it tasty?” He tilts his head to one side. “Lozerief used to talk about growing up and eating seaweed… I suppose she still does, anyways.”

Anansi: “Dry humor?”

Yessei: “The lack of humor you put behind your jokes.”

Anansi: “Life doesn’t pay me to crack good jokes.” She huffs, but Yessei giggles at the same time.

Auk: “Name’s Auk–did I already introduce myself?” She extends a hand.



“You’ve never tried it?” Gio asks.“I always wondered who wanted to eat a fish’s toilet paper until this one got me on the train.” He chuckled.

Heather follows suit with a slight laugh. “See, perfect.”

Anddd I think they ordered if I remember so food comes out :rofl:

Pissy shakes her hand. “I’m Chrissy, but my friends call me Pissy, so it stuck. Nice to meet you, Auk.”

Alright Lex is finally back!

Izi: “No not really–just never had the chance,” he chuckles. “Wait, it’s fish toilet paper?”

Yeah they did order food :joy:

Yessei: “Oh, good news.” She grins.

Anansi’s bent over hers, having sniffed it for a second.

Auk: “Yeah, you’ll be seeing me around if you stick with it.” She nods. “You wanted coffee, right? Don’t know what to offer you, but we’d better keep heading before the sun sets…”


Pissy nods. “At this point, any stimulant will do.”

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Cool! I wanna nap but instead I’m gaming xD

“I assume so. They poop where they live.” Gio laughs.

Lockie glares at her boyfriend while Michelle eats some of the good stuff. “Try it. It’s so good.”

Cool xD

Heather: “You know what. Do you like popsicles?” She looks at Yessei.

Auk: “I don’t know very many in this neck of the woods.” She sniffs the air. “And I don’t have enough magic to whip up any. Talk about being a demigod,” she huffs.

Izi reaches over and plucks up a piece. “It’s not bad,” he agrees. “Mmm.”

Yessei: “Popsicles?” She blinks. “Aren’t those the frozen things made of sugar? Too cold for me, I’m afraid,” she chuckles.

Anansi: “But I wasn’t?”

Yessei: “Well you’re my sister–I have to tolerate you or I don’t have any family left.”

Anansi scoffs: “If you’re giving out popsicles, I’ll take one.”


Pissy frowns and then glares at the air then nods. “It’s fine. I might be a bit grumpy, though. I’ll try not to be cause I actually am enjoying your company.”

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Happy happy fun food times ensue? XD

“You’re cold?” Heather reached over to try touching anansi. “So, you’re more of a soup girl?” She leaned closer to Yessei with a teasing smile.

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Auk: “Not a problem–Eer says I’m grumpy most of the time, anyways.” She sniffs, waving her hand in the air for Pissy to follow.

yep it ensues :bangbang:

Yessei: “I’m a whatever you make for me gal~” she giggles with a grin.

Ananis: "Ugh. :roll_eyes: "

Yessei: “But uh.” She giggles. “Ice hurts my fangs.”


Pissy nods and follows her. “And also, Tati calls me a bitch when I don’t eat soon enough.”

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Cute! And then the meal is done for my characters haha. Izi needs to take our new friends to meiste :eyes: hectic magic times XD

Heather blushed. “I can think of lots of times ice made me happy.” She winks playfully.

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fortunately for everyone I have a (not world cup inspired) plan

Izi: “That was very good food–”

Lozerief returns to stop him before he can finish the word, saying, “Izi! What are you doing? You forgot that Atepsi’s hosting the World Habechias tournament this year, and it’s tomorrow!”

He gulps. “It’s tomorrow?”

Lozerief: “Yes, as Deputy Prime Minister, it’s my duty to remind you.”

Yessei: “Can you?” She giggles back.

Anansi just resorts to her food lol.

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Auk: “So you’re hungry, too.” She sighs. “Okay, we’ll find some food. I don’t know where the nearest place is, though. We’ll probably have to trap it.”

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“That’s fine.”

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