Introduce Your Characters (Part 15)

“the who did what?” Gio blinks


“would frozen bloodsicles taste good to you, you think?” Heather looks at Anansi.

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vibes back in from my accidental hiatus HELLO

Casus pauses, thinking about how to phrase it.

“Well, I’m not sure if I can fix it with a cure. In all honesty what I want to do is find everyone and figure out how to apologize them…I guess atone is what I’m looking for him.”

He looks like he wants to say something else, but doesn’t.

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No worries, haha.

Mo smiles slightly. “You sound like the tortured artist type.” Her hand moves like the wind on her little tablet.

Casus tilts his head in curiosity.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what’re you doing there?” he asks, pointing at the tablet.

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“One second.” She takes a few more moments… “Done!” Mo turns the tablet around to present a professionally drawn picture of Casus.

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Casus’s eyes widen.

“That’s a very good drawing of me,” he gasps.

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“I think so.” Mo smiles at her handiwork. “Do you want a copy?”

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“Yeah, that’d be nice,” Casus nods.

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“That will be twenty dollars.” Her voice is teasing and she leans against a nearby tree to watch him.

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Casus is very bad at jokes and proceeds to fumble around in his pockets for a wallet.

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Mo shakes her head. “It was a joke. It’s free. I did it out of kindneas, after all.” She proceeds to ask if he has a phone number or email. “I can always print it if not.”

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Casus looks a bit confused but stops digging in his pockets…after he takes out a couple cans that look like soup cans without labels.

“In my world we don’t have phones or emails, although I’ve heard of them. What we have are these magic cans. All you have to do to contact someone else is shake the can, that’s how it’s activated,” he says as he holds one of them out.

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“Oh?” She takes one. “This is different… So, it works to send pictures? How?” She shakes it and waits to see what happens…

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“Oh, for pictures you can hold it over or against the thing…”

Casus scratches his head.

“Our magic can be confusing at times.”

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“It’s like those things! I forget the name in English”'Mo holds the can over the pic.

…I’m about to knock, so tired xD.

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After a few minutes, the can Casus has emits a soft glow and he waves his hand over it.

“Got it!” he declares.

:eyes: r e s t

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“Ooo! Wait, that actually worked!” Mo bounces back and forth on her heels exitedly. “So cool! You’ll have to explain this.” She holds up the can suspiciously.

Night, haha.

Auk takes a look around. “There–” she points to a dip in the land “–must be a creek. Maybe some fish.”

Lozerief: “The Izi was neglecting his Kingly duties again.”

Izi: “Yeah :sweat:” He chuckles awkwardly and reaches for Michelle’s hand. “I’m sure there’s extra tickets to the championship if anyone wants to go. I just uh…” He looks down at himself–still scaled. “Yeah I’ll be fine by tomorrow, right?”

Anansi: “Good question,” she murmurs. “Haven’t tried. What do you think?”


Pissy runs over to the creek and catches five fish. He gives her one. “Thanks, starving.”

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Auk: “Nah, keep it. I don’t gotta eat.” She sits down on a log. “God, we’re a long way from Basecamp…”

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