Murder Mystery

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And the closing is even better. If we ever get there, that is. :wink:

You, @Cloud_Nine25, and @DollyTH drive through hours of country road into heavy thickets of wood, the canopy of the trees covering so much of the sky that the tiny village of Black Creek remains dark even during peak daylight hours. As @DollyTH goes around trying to find villagers, she sees that the village is one of the smallest she’s ever seen: there can’t be more than ten people living here, and their houses, all colonial styled, are about the size of one of Richard Hamilton’s rooms (you detectives who weren’t there to solve the first mystery can ask her about that one @Cloud_Nine25 @BloodR0se17).

But as the three of you poke around, the three of you find the owner of Owl Eye’s Inn: a woman named Willow. She looks very solemn and is dressed in old, almost doll like colonial clothes. She appears upset about the disappearance scandal and how it is driving business away from her inn. Willow has only one person who works for her, a younger front desk attendant named Candy, who you also see. Willow says that people come to Owl Eye’s Inn for its peaceful atmosphere and that it provides a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Willow’s partner, Johnathan, also assists in running the Inn from time to time, or so you hear.

Now the world is pretty much your oyster here: you can investigate the village, speak to potential suspects, ask questions to get answers, or do anything else a detective could to investigate. @BloodR0se17 @Cloud_Nine25. So, I invite everyone to ask what you want to know, I’ll be around for a short while and more this weekend.


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Hmm. You said Johnathan helps sometimes. Is he here?

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He is. He’s a tall, lanky man. Besides assisting with the Inn, Johnathan runs the Black Creek General Store, the only store in the village. You can currently find him there.

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Hmm… okay! I head to store!

The Black Creek General Store smells of freshly killed meat. Johnathan is behind the counter, washing a bloody hunting knife with a rag.

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…concerning… I choose option A, to butter him up xD.

“Hi. This is a nice place you have here.” I walk around and check out some of the decor and merchandise.

Johnathan sticks a cutting board with the hunting knife so that the knife stands up from the board.

“What business an outsider like you have in Black Creek?” He asks boorishly.

As you view the decor, you see many antique looking hand-knitted rags, and the fabrics are woven together to depict images of owls. You see also a variety of dead game in the store - fowl caught from the nearby forest no doubt.

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We are so proud of investigators for solving the Hamilton case and bringing to light the unsafety of Hamilton air filters. Having said that, we understand their next investigation is one that requires a sensitive touch. Black Creek has been its own subsistence community for over 100 years now and we in the State of Boise have vowed to respect that tradition. We honor the different ways of life that all Boiseans hold.

As a result, we must carefully respect the Black Creek culture as we work with their locals to complete this investigation. The investigators will be working on their own, without support of the State, because we are confident a low-profile investigation is the best way to show Black Creek deference in this turbulent time for them as well as us.

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UPDATE: The government gives little in the way of supporting your investigation. You will there not be able to conduct autopsies, or ask about things that could be uncovered by fingerprints or DNA testing. There is no lab nearby. No medical examiners. There is nobody available who could perform these tests. There are no official recognized police officers on site and no forensics teams. You are on your own.

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I’m thinking I should speak to Candy.

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The front desk attendant is young, her hair dirty blonde and tied up into pigtails, and has a cheery demeanor. What would you like to ask her?


…aren’t I getting paid through the state?! How they gonna abandon me?! XD

Hmm… “Well, I was here on business, but more I’m thinking of staying to check out the lovely scenery and locals. These are beautiful. Did you make them?” I ask about the rags.

:joy: private detective!

But yes, it would be fair to say that the state of Boise has given no tangible support at all to the investigation.

Johnathan takes a knife to a whetstone and starts sharpening it.

“My partner, Willow.” He responds. “Runs the Owl Eye’s Inn outside. Should think about staying the night if you’ll be 'round for a while.”

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As I approach the attendant I try to maintain a calm approach.

“I hear this is a great inn to come to,” I say casually. “Have there been any hard customers to work with?”

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Where’s my contact?! XD


“Will do. Did you catch all these animals yourself?” I assume he’s a game hunter.

“Oh, thank you!” Candy replies chipperly. “I don’t think so! But, we don’t get many guests.”