old chicken thread from 2023

This is an old check-in.

So, I’m checking in in January 2024, but I did initially make this back in June 2023. It has been raised from the dead.


I’m not sure yet. I haven’t chosen a project to focus on and finish, and all of my ideas are still in the conceptualization stages.

  1. I finished my hand written short story Arcane Proposal at 21 pages.
  2. Plan to work on a Tower of God fanfiction by hand when my ADHD and hormones (I am on my period) end.
  3. I have a novel that I need to get started (not by hand, on computer) called The Ghost of the God Slayers.

Other than that, I am good-ish, but could be way better if I wasn’t a female right now. :sweat_smile:


In writing I’m working on the fourth Michael novel: Saying No. Currently am taking a break from it to mull how to progress the plot. While I ruminate on that one, I’m resurrecting an older work in my Only Half Universe called “Nathan’s Tale.” Mostly that’s just editing/revising because the story is already complete. I’ve just been waiting for the proper moment to dive back into it (because I finally got to the novel necessary to forward Nathan’s Plot)

In Drawing:
I’ve been putting together images for my next print effort “Tales of Victor Sierra”. I have one more divider to do. I need to go back and finish detailing the book cover as well. Beyond that I’m trying to stay up on my buffer for my webcomics.


I’m planning to do Camp NaNo next week, but right now my book’s still in the conceptualization stage. I don’t have an outline, a timeline or anything else yet. I do have a setting and a few characters, but no plot or premise. Maybe I’ll just write and see what happens… ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

How you or anyone else can work on a book (much less two!) when you have academics, I’ll never know. That’s amazing that you’re making progress! (*^-‘) 乃


Im taking a brwak and occasionally putting together prompts for a big book of prompts. That and editi g AI stuff.


I am working on my second novel to publish on Amazon as well as a short story. Off that, I’m working on two Watppad books and one edit (when I remember :laughing:). I’m also revamping my editing company



What are your top ideas then if you would care to share?

Yay! Progress! :wink: How was hand writing? Did it feel different in anyway to when you type a story? (other than that your hand might have cramped)

Where does this take place? What world?

Maybe that’s what your characters are telling you: “Just start typing, we’ll take over, don’t worry” :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s kinda my part time job actually. No longer a student :wink:

How big is this book?

Wait, you have an editing company??? :open_mouth: What are your prices or are you still figuring that out? I may be in need of editing, idk when, but it’s always good to know who edits out there.


I will properly answer your comments when I get home.

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I haven’t been here much :joy:


Its been a veeery slow road due to academics and some burnout, but I’m getting close to finishing Sapphire Wings. I’m thinking another 2 or 3 chapters to wrap things up, plus I’ve got an idea for an epilogue.

There’s another story in the planning/conceptualizing stage, mostly figuring out who the characters are and what the world looks like. I already feel this will have more complex worldbuilding than Sapphire Wings had, since it involves a magic system and a main character that researches certain types of magic. Also magic-powered androids, gotta figure how those work :stuck_out_tongue:

Between Sapphire Wings and that story though? I’m thinking of writing something shorter or simpler, I think my mind could benefit from that before diving into the above story idea.


Currently? Maybe 450 prompts, so far.
100 in:
After Death
Sirens (won’t be “finished” until it’s at 150 prompts)

Tentative chapters:
Fanfic Mashups
Obscure Gods

Minimum of 2 more chapters, all filled to 100 prompts before I start releasing chapters. Basically 1,000 prompts in 10 chapters with continuing chaoters when I’m bored.

To show the difference in how these can range:


  1. The mind fills in information with what has already been seen before instead of truly seeing everything. When vampires aren’t seen in mirrors it’s because something about them does not register to the mind at first glance, but if you’ve seen this being for a long time, you will see it in mirrors. So, the sign of a vampire is not wholly being unseen, but on the occasions, when you can’t process their existence, you don’t see them. So your boyfriend of 4 years starts disappearing from mirrors when you’re not focused on them …
  1. Vampire Island.

Its just aomethi g to trigger a story OR give it a subplot or theme to “enrich” an existing story.


Currently snailing my way through editing the second draft of the second book in my series. I want to have a nice buffer of chapters to post throughout Wattys season.

Taking a minor break from writing for a bit to redo one of my character’s reference sheet in time for Artfight though ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Holy hell, researching for prompts comes across some crazy ideas…

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Wacky Page


I do need to fix up the Wacky page :sweat_smile:

Currently closed because I was overseas and needed to do a big redevelopment but it will be open again next month. Prices and everything can be found in both links

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Yes, it was very different. :sweat_smile:

A planet called Gnorilia or Alagossia 2.0!

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this is so funny because i haven’t. been working on any writing projects!! i’ve had college stuff and ap exams (those come out a week from now) so everything has been delayed. i suppose that i will start writing soon again


I would if I could properly explain them…I haven’t made sense of them yet…

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Photon Editing! XD That’s so you. I love that name.

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