ONC 2024

That’s what Beta reads are for: you can acene test, specifically…if that’s the concern.

It eould do a vampire proud.

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Mental constipation.

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Okay sure :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a memoir, so not too complex.

Remember that cowboy x ginger story? That might work for this too. I’m not dragging a romance to 60k :joy:

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No, not you. Lol

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Lmfao you tagged me in that post. So I responded.

Im poking fun at the romantical churro.

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Oh, yeah him?

slaps him really hard and makes him poop out chocolate filling


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Ugh. I tried to continue the next chapter and it’s taking forever to get to the actual fun stuff.

I wrote myself into a corner with stupid clothes.

I had him change into a boring tshirt and sweats earlier because I thought it was funny, but now I need him to change back and the logistics of it all are making this more complicated than it needs to be. It’s like I need a whole chapter to explain a wardrobe change. Omg.

I think I’m going to have to go back and get rid of the “looking ridiculous in modern clothes” scene. It’s already published but less than 5 people read it, so whatever. It has to happen.

:thinking: Hehe, I just thought of what to replace it with. Could make that into “Your clothes are dirty. Oh my, I guess you have to stay half naked for a while.” What a problem to have. :joy:

Update. I figured out where to make the change. Grrr. Why didn’t I think of it before?

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Because this is deadline writing. Its not “best for story” but “good enough for now”. Which is still a good thing to work with.


Good enough is hard to accept. It goes against my nature. :joy:
But it is definitely a draft. I’m painfully aware of how bare bones it is. The book is about 90% dialogue right now.

Am I the only one who finds dialogue to be the easiest thing to write? I often see writers complaining that they don’t know how to write dialogue and I can never empathize. All my scene ideas start from dialogue.

How are things going?

I’m close to finishing Chapters 2 and 4, already finished Chapter 3 and am halfway through Chapter 5. Before you ask me, mine is a multiple POV story. I hope to post Chapters 2 to 4 today, and hopefully 5 in the weekend

UPDATE: Chapters 2 and 3 are up!

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Posted chapter 4 of Constance Penrose.
Set aside 1st arc of Drink Deep for edits.
About to start 3rd…

I’ve submitted 3 in 1 for Round 1! I’ll take a little break from writing, then I’ll see if I can finish Chapter 4 today—I might even hit the 5k word mark!


Submitted it. Now we wait.
And write.

Tonight is the first night I’m not posting a chapter. It’s still early, I could try, but I’m exhausted. I’m going to sleep.
It sucks. I was really hoping to play the algorithm, but honestly, the rankings have been stuck since day 2 (does Wattpad purposely disable updates during the ONC weeks?), so it might not even matter.

Oh well. The daily update streak was going to die eventually. Might as well be tonight. But tomorrow, I must write stuff. Now that I fixed the wardrobe change issue, we can move on to the fun stuff and meet more vampires.
Did I mention that I haven’t brainstormed any vampire characters yet?
:sweat_smile: And I’m supposed to describe an entire den of them… Good luck to future me.

I am gonna have an actual plan A, and a Plan B, and maybe even a C for the ONC.

That was my brillant idea. I kinda need a break from Shade. :joy: Shade (Behind These Eyes) is gonna be my main story (4k in). I was thinking more about horsey man and ginger girl. I can make a start to that tonight, it Pages loads sometime this year :smiley:


I’m seeing a lot of vampire ONC stories. It makes me happy because maybe vamps are gaining back their popularity? Good.

I finished chapter 9. My vamp and his human made it to the vampire den which also happens to be a dance club. So now I’m writing the club scene and it’s getting warmer. :smirk:

This playlist is perfect.


As of today, I’ve posted five chapters and written over 6k words! Just two chapters and I’ll pass 8k! I’m proud because I’m moving faster than last year. Hopefully, I’ll keep this pace and not procrastinate


Go you!

@J.L.O - I actually have four ONC ideas. You know what? Why not try and get them past the first round? What doesn’t kill you makes you crazier stronger :smiley: I got a new idea tonight.


I can’t give up now.


It’s only a 2K investment. Whatever gets up to 8K is going to be the interesting part.