Out of Context! What happened in your story the last you worked on it?

@lunar.eclipse @Qualeshia12 @TheTigerWriter I’m not asexual, but I’m nervous about writing romance and sex scenes. I’m a lot less experienced in those departments than I would like.


that’s quite valid. it’s not for everyone, and everyone starts off at different points.

however, you can research it. that’s what I did, and it worked :slight_smile:

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it’s so awkward and cringe and uh

this is what I wrote before and cringed so hard at, see for yourself

do you ship ppl?

oh, no. she’s the one who almost drowned :joy:

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I wrote a poem about demons devouring my skull. it was fun.

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Kirlan might have been about to propose :eyes:

What you wrote is about the level I write when trying to get into the romance bits, so I just felt a nice sense of familiarity :grin:

Hmm…depends. If I’m super invested in the story, maybe I might hope this character gets together with that character especially if it’s written in a way that suggestions they may or may not. But if I’m only a little bit invested, not at all :stuck_out_tongue: I also don’t ship real people with each other.

lol, so I was right XD

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From a little bonus piece I’m working on because :sparkles: priorities :sparkles:

Chrysanta’s golden eyes widened. “I have heard of you.” Then she frowned. “The Gods do not like you.”
Amneris crossed her arms. “Ya don’t say.”
“Nor do many Higher Beings.”
“Nor do—”
“I get the picture.”

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Chapter 2, Part 5 of Project Succession.

Aeris meets a woman who knows her father and learns a bit more about herself. During that time, Aeris couldn’t go to a funeral of her deceased family member. The reason she couldn’t go is for safety reasons, regardless of the fact if there are guards there. The woman who came to see Aeris is named Rosaria hailing from the Kriegman family, but that is a lie.

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Pinti destroyed Bloodstone.

Relevant scene music perhaps…

More random scene scribbles. One day I will cobble together a completed chapter draft.

Dov, Krista, Freyja and Polanski are in the white-stone hallway, all immaculately dressed (on Polanski’s orders) and freshly scrubbed from their showers. Krista’s armed with her Leica DSLR. Polanski asks Freyja to stand by the wall so Krista can take Freyja’s photos for her passport and ID cards. Freyja doesn’t understand the idea of passports, so Dov and Polanski explain why they are important. Dov then gently instructs Freyja how to pose for Krista’s photos.

Photo session completed, Krista congratulates Freyja for her cooperation, swaps out the SD cards, and gives Freyja the camera. Krista suggests Freyja should use the camera to take many photos of her companions, to preserve happy memories. Freyja claims she doesn’t know how to use a camera, so Dov sets the camera to automatic (point ‘n’ click) with a promise to teach Freyja about DSLRs’ advanced functions later. Krista then recommends Freyja’s first photo should be of someone she likes very much (expecting Freyja to choose Dov), and Freyja takes a photo of Krista. Dov and Polanski have a little chuckle at the flustered cheeky one’s successful fail.

Karen joins the companions to announce their lunch awaits.

Still undecided on which events should be covered in the afternoon scenes, and how much should be included in the chapter overall…I would like to stay under 4,000 words per chapter…

7.5 pounds, good weight for a book ~ Groucho Marx.

Update: Decided to go with a afternoon swimming scene.

The general concept so far (more or less).

Dov, Freyja, and Krista spend the afternoon at the villa’s outdoor pool, teaching Freyja how to swim and how to cope with deep water. The pool is twenty-meters long, four lanes wide, and three meters deep.

Freyja is scared of the pool because of a bad experience with a strong ‘dumper’ wave at the beach. Dov jumps into the pool first, and offers to carry Freyja while she practices floating and supporting herself in the water. Dov comforts Freyja, relating to his past unpleasant (near-fatal) experiences with rough surf during Commando training, and assures Freyja that she will be safe in the water next to him.

As their buoyancy lessons progress, Krista asks Dov to practice rescue strokes; swimming laps of the pool while holding Freyja (on his front and back) as if carrying her to shore. Dov complies and keeps his moves slow and constant for minimal body-wake and to avoid scaring Freyja…Dov mostly uses his arms or kicks with his legs far apart (frog-style), so he doesn’t hit Freyja by accident…

Krista also jumps into the pool and swims beside her companions in a goofy comical manner, to entertain Freyja and to emphasize her safety.

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:joy: good to know hehe

hm, okay. interesting.


although I do notice if people are into each other or dating. but that’s different.

you were :eyes:

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Until This World Ends

Valentine stood to care for his minor wounds once Vesper started licking at him. As his hand had somehow found the scepter while nearly passed out, he could feel the dog.

He shook his head. Dog and woman… “Speak. Don’t lick me, M’lady.”

As ever-gracefully, she changed from one being to another. Vesper was still crouched low, where he could see her. “You never change, do you, Valentine?”

He held out his hand, to help her stand up, which she ignored and did as she pleased. Nothing had changed in the time he knew his ghosts.

“I change plenty. Hate the sound of my own voice.” His laughter was harsh when he thought about the arrogance of youth and how far distant that folly was. Not that he thought he had changed for the better. A man who did that would cleanly lay out his jokes. “Anything left of Whisper?”

“No. And we were all supposed to make it to the end, but that damned Spidermayne wasn’t supposed to exist.”

Looking around at the carcass behind his back, it still looked more like a scorpion love child with a mantis, not a thing like a spider to have such a rediculous name. “Why not Scorpinox?”


“Why name it something spider-like?”

“That thing can fly when mature and is more a demonic dragon than an insect, Valen. Riders are terrified of them.”

“Is it?” Valentine grunted in pain as he flexed his sore arm. Having the scepter pulled out his hand was going to do a number on his joints. “The forest?”

“No. The creature of the forest will not touch you, as you carry her mark. But it hates you, and wants to end you.”

“You sound as if it’s the god of death.”

“It is, sort of.” Whisper sniffed, disdain for the monster of the dark threading her words before she shifted back to his hunting companion.

Valentine sighed as he slowly stood. Talking with her was going to be just as unrewarding as Lark. And at a time when he’d lost most of his spoken words. Age made dealing with women, even dead ones, all the lonlier.


Pinti is SO SPENT because she used so much magick, she loses consciousness at the end of a chapter.


Pinti and Valan come back from seeing skeletons.

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a giant tree gets mad at his servants for bringing him a human.


A very angry, pissed off semi-pro boxer who looks like a half-shaved poodle stormed into Igor Valdez Body Studio demanding a rematch, and got tackled again by a hyped-up angry chipmunk man who had half finished a killer donut :smiley:


Main character experienced their annual visit by the familiar of death, a disturbing malnourished and rotting dog :smiley:. She fed it raw meat and it seemed happy before jumping out of a closed window and wondered off to whence it came.


The tree:

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:joy: Yes

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