Outlander Graphics

@JustM hey sweetie! here is your cover. i hope you like it.

want to see how it was made? you can find the video in my graphic book!


Ooh, looks nice! Thanks so much for making it, i’ll credit you in the blurb.




@JustM I’m glad you like it! :black_heart:

@Laura thanks sweetie! i’ll be getting to your covers this week!


Hi!! I have a question about your anti-LGBTQ+ cover policy. Would you design a cover for a story that isn’t LGBTQ+ centric but still contains LGBTQ+ themes?

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Great question! As long as the cover doesn’t feature it, then yes. The story can be a LGTB+, but I’d prefer not doing anything involving it with the cover.


» story title: Handprints

» subtitle*: N/A

» author: S. C. Carver

» brief summary: When an attempted vigilante infiltration operation goes sideways, Jamie Collyn starts to question the government they’ve been serving their whole life.

» ideas: handprints on foggy glass, maybe with some kind of electricity/magic flickering across the palms?

» color scheme: gray, black, silver, blue, purple, red, green, yellow

» mood: bright

» anything else: nope!!

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I’ll check out your request tonight once I get home love :heart:


before i deliver your graphic please make sure to check out the payment chapter of my graphic book.

also this sounds so dope and a i can’t wait to play around with it!


Alright!! I have school so I’ll be sure to look at it in a few hours.

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Hi!! I have a couple questions about payment.

  1. How many chapters should I read?
  2. Would you prefer your critique in comment form or PMed to you?
  3. I don’t really read mature/sexual stories (and I’m under 18) so would you mind telling me which chapters have mature scenes so I can avoid them?

I don’t care really. If you want to read the whole thing, or just one chapter it’s fine. Which book did you chose first of all? Both are decently fine for teens to read. There is minimal slang/cursing, and no sexual activities occur until later on. Immortal is probably a better option to read, but both need editing.


I chose immortal to read, but if you want me to choose the other I will. Does 3 chapters and a full critique of them sound fair for payment?

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Sounds cool with me, thanks!


b u m p


r e q u e s t

» story title: Not What I Was Hoping

» subtitle*: He met the girl he didn’t want to meet again

» author: Carcoleghost

» brief summary: Sam hated himself for a certain reason for the last three years. A girl came to her his life, and he hated the way he was attracted to her. It wasn’t right. But now she was coming back to his life, older and more mature, but what he was aiming to be was going to prevent anything from happening between them. Or will it?.

» ideas: The MCs will be the highschool boy, the girl, and the old man. However, it can show only both the old man and the girl in the cover.

» images*:

» inspiration: Anything works, like a picture of a girl without her face shown. The love interest (17f) is a Vietnamese girl with long black hair. The MC (22m) has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

» color scheme: yellow and pink

» mood: light and cheerful

» anything else: nope!


@Laura hi my love! so i had an inspirational whim to make you a second cover, but something completely opposite of what you asked for. i hope you like them both!


sorry love, denied :frowning_face:


Oh. My. God. These are freaking incredible, Lynne! May I use both covers? I’m just — WOW! :heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart:


story title: Final Countdown
subtitle*: Change is a transition
author: Lev
brief summary: Basically two paranormal hunters and an angel arrive in our world while their actors arrive in the world of supernatural (the tv show). If they don’t return to their worlds, everything will fall apart.
ideas: The background is of a dark city with a few lights, which could also be a white portal with white swirls coming out of it with a black background. The foreground is of the main character (faceclaim; emily rudd) holding a human skull in her hands, or a human skeleton arm touching her shoulder, it could also be half of her face as a skull.
images*: N/a
color scheme: Dark brown, dark green, white, red.
inspiration: 1, 2
mood: Serious, horror.
anything else: The genres are Fanfiction, Paranormal, Comedy, Horror. Thank you for considering making it! :beautifulheart:

Edit: I tried to request from your form in the fourm but I got access denied, just so you know.