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Here it is! That song was more my style and I enjoyed it a lot better XD. I hope this cover reminds you of the song at least a little bit and fits what you were thinking for the fake.


I was ready to be surprised!

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Oh my gosh, these are amazing!!

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Thank you! Im glad you like them. :slight_smile:


I love it! Especially the font choice and text design with the shadows :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I guess I nailed it with the song, huh? :stuck_out_tongue: You like more pop-rock type of music? (me, trying to figure out your song preferences)

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legal premade Where I met her watermarked

I made this…5 or 6 years ago. Inspired by this, here’s a fake for you.

Title: Selfish to Love

Tagline: Is it wrong to never let you go?

Author Name: Mackenzie Strider

Genre: LGBTQ romance and crime fiction

Blurb: Chrisa “Chris” Turner has runaway to New York City to get away from her family who are still uncertain about her after she came out as lesbian. The next day, during a sales job, Chris meets Millie, the girl of her dreams, but Millie has agoraphobia and can’t go outside. Still, they instantly fall in love. Chris is the happiest she has ever been.

Two weeks later, her parents get in an accident and only her mother survives, but is bed-ridden. Chris must return home to help. Since Millie can’t go outside even with Chris’ encouragement, the two must part ways. They don’t know when they will meet next. With a snappy mother and a house to take care of, Chris can only dream of meeting Millie again. Could there be a way?

Ideas: sepia-type color scheme like the cover I made. Kind of sad and longing. The person should be a short-haired girl maybe a pixie cut. Chris can look 17-20 years old. She wears sneakers. If you could have a similar picture of NYC skyline blurred in the background that would be great :smile: Really just use my awful old cover as inspiration.

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