So, tell me, what is on your mind at the moment?

I miss watching this anime. It was so much fun and truly an underrated gem in my opinion.

R.O.D: Read or Die, oh how I missed you!

Speaking of old school anime, there are PLENTY I’ve seen but some of them I either didn’t finish or can’t remember if I finished.

Been watching/getting into anime since I was fifteen or sixteen and I am thirty-two years old now.

Anyway, I am going to search through some oldies that were good…to me.

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I have Spotify on my phone, but I never use it there. I just use YouTube to listen to music.

Should I just delete the Spotify app?

You can if you think you won’t use it at all.
If YouTube music is to your liking, I’d go with that.

I normally use Spotify on my laptop. The only time I listen to music on YouTube is if it’s Lo-fi music or epic instrumentals.

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Right now, I am going to take a small-ish break before I write my Alagossia-verse stories.

Why? Because I need to feel fresh and motivated.
See ya later!

I’m not Turkish or living in Turkey, but this global assault on the rights of women around the world is seriously disturbing me. How long before surveillance technology is turned on Western women to further curtail our right to bodily autonomy?

On another note, I can’t believe that in this age of climate change, which is provably driven by human activity on the earth, there are still idiots out there proponents of unsustainable pregnancy. How stupid can people freakin’ get?!

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I am starting to realize that the energy I thought I had to do an entire rewrite of The Breakers which is now Red Reign: The Breaking of Renna was pretty much nonexistent to begin with.

So, it’s either I don’t want to do, but I have to for my sake or I need to do it because there are actual changes that need to be mean or plain and simple I don’t want to because I can’t be bothered/I’m lazy as hell.

It sucks like hell because I am writing the zero draft, I am seeing that there are SO MANY things that needs to be changed, replaced, tweaked, or tossed entirely.

It’s fun, but there are a SHIT TON of things that I need to deal with.
I guess I feel like I am dealing with everything all at once rather than in stages. Maybe that is why I can’t be bothered with it. To spend hours on this is exhausting and tedious. If I take it day by day that would be better, instead of doing things for the whole day even with breaks in between.

Such is life…

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How many chapters have you written so far?

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I am on chapter 2, part 1. I’ve completed chapters 0 and 1 and there five parts.

So, yeah that is where I am at.

There are going to be twenty-five to twenty-six chapters with five parts in total…

Think about that.

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I am no longer going through writing my novels like that. Where each chapter is broken into long and many parts.

I am going with the standard way.
The only way I would do that is if I am writing a short story NOT a novel.

I’m not built like that. It worked a bit for the House of Naivin, but this story is not the House of Naivin.

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Are you going to post The House of Naivin anywhere now that it’s finished?

And why not create a new Wattpad account? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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It’s finished but not edited. It’s nowhere near editing/it is very rough.

I’ll put some thought into it when I reach that point.

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If I ever win a over hundred million dollars, I wouldn’t even buy a house. I’d get a semi-luxury apartment with two bedrooms and one bathroom that is very spacious and has tons of closest/storage space.

If I had the money and whatnot, I would gladly save up as much as I can to get an apartment.

I’m starting to get green with envy for such a stupid reason.
Hopefully, I get money sometime this year so that I can start saving for my own place.

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I give up on character names lol

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I am thinking more about the manga/anime called Blue Lock which is suppose to be about soccer, but as I stare at the manga pics on Pinterest, I am starting to think something else.

Don’t get me wrong, it is intriguing as hell and looks awesome, but it’s supposed to be about soccer. Yet the shit that is happening looks so shounen or whatever that it is hilariously interesting.

Like how does manga and anime pulls stunts like that all the time?!

Stitching on TikTok has got to be the easiest way to make videos. You just use someone else as a prompt.

I wanna figure out how people do the thing where the photo is behind them like a green screen situation. Then I can talk about a book cover without holding it in my hand (which is occupied by a fox or something else).

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I am hungry. :sweat_smile:


all my blöd got stoled and it feels a lot like sleep deprivation tbh, but the nice vaguely loopy kind not the ‘pls let me rest or i’ll puke and die’ kind


I went the entire night without sleep, and it is 12:41pm the next day.

Nothing new, but still.


Me, too.


eventually i’ll admit i vibe with phonk music and it’s directlly tiktok’s fault.

not today though, i’m not ready to give tiktok that win.

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