So, tell me, what is on your mind at the moment?

So I’m ill again and I have nothing to do all day :)

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Sir it’s 9pm; have you been out drinking or something lolol

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Haha, no I just started an hour ago :joy: I only got my chance to say it now.

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I am stuffed from eating dinner…
It was good though.

Because of my unoriginality, Sovereign Credits (Alagossian Global Currency) are the fictional equivalent of American currency.

So, if your parents are loaded and give you 50 million Sovereign Credits monthly, you are actually getting 50 million dollars a month.

Yes, very original… :sweat_smile:

I’m also thinking about Camp NaNo. (*・_・)ノ⌒*

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I am reading the webtoon The God of High School, and there’s this character in there who was really wealthy, but is now scrubbing dishes part time to pay off debts.

I’m like “how do you fall that low?”. I shouldn’t laugh, but holy shit that was an unexpected thing.

My god that was hilarious. LMAO!

Update: I think that guy regains his wealth back at the end of the series (the webtoon ended last year). It is still funny to me though. LOL!

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My characters are having a conversation about doing bad things in the past and about when forgiveness is had and what to do or think if the person to give you forgiveness is someone you can never see again.


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One step at a time.

I was finally able to change my bedding after SO DAMN LONG! On top of it being gross and whatnot, it is constant reminder that my ADHD is STILL not being taken care of.

There is only so much I can do without getting drained both mentally and physically from doing the absolute simplest of tasks.

Those simple tasks aren’t that simple to someone like me.

If a person has a massive meltdown from simply thinking “I have to clean this room or I have to clean this entire room right”, there’s some deeper than what is on the surface.

Most people don’t think that and that is upsetting.

Anyway, I am glad I changed my bed sheets to new clean ones.
If only I can purchase a mattress topper and new pillows, because I need some pronto!

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I am actually done with chapter 1 of part 1 in Red Reign: The Breaking of Renna.

I finished at 3981 words.

So, I am going to break then go on to chapter 2 of part 1 if I am feeling up to it.

I have a feeling that I might end up killing off Brianna, when I clearly don’t want to go that route. I mean I can have her live, but I need an outcome where it isn’t cheesy or cliche in a way that won’t piss even me off.

sighs Decisions, decisions…

Nier: Automata has an anime series.
watching it as I type this
Looks great to me, personally!

Honestly, I’ve never played the game and I only watched someone else play the game on YouTube a while back.


Ima thinking about this. Yup, it’s that time of year again. (♯^.^ღ)



I haven’t even finished 4k of ONC and you wanna go there? :open_mouth:

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Update: Oh my gosh! I am so excited for next Sunday night’s chapter! Thanks so much SIU!

I hope you have been doing well and are in great health, my man!

:grin: :+1:


I’m so tired of people being performative activists and copypasting links into their YouTube video descriptions. If you actually care about those multiple causes you list, go out and do something for them.

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Yup! I’m not doing ONC and my wip is almost done, so I’m free to write, baby! (>‿◠):v:

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I"m doing other stuff cause I’m a bad pastry! :open_mouth:

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I wish people would stop copypasting ANYTHING into their YouTube videos. The only thing that should be there is a description of that particular video. Everything else should be in their About tab. Why are YouTubers so stoopid? (-᷅_-᷄๑)


Did it go on hiatus or something.

I dunno I just ran off and ended up simping a manga instead. Badly.

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