So, tell me, what is on your mind at the moment?

you get used to it

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my manager is putting in security cameras in the back room so now i have to find a way to look busy on night shift, alone, 40 hours a week :melting_face:

i have a sneaking suspicion that i’m about to start getting a lot more writing done.


Today’s outing with my mom, aunt, and my cousins was great.
We did some shopping for grandma’s funeral and spent time together at the mall.

I had fun today and I am glad I got to share it with them.
Apparently, June 1 is going to be a scorcher and that is the day of the funeral.

What I have for the funeral is going to make me hot.
I seriously hope I still have my dresses.

I might have gotten rid of them when I lost weight.

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Honestly, I am thinking of a YA epic fantasy novel idea.
I don’t think of YA that much or at all in all honesty.


Why are final chapters so hard to write? :melting_face:


Would people who get scared easily be frightened by bad horror?

Why is my story turning into fricking Scarface but for teenagers?

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I asked a bunch of people a bunch of questions.

A few things stick out in my mind:

50+ sheep


beloved friend

a gecko named Fred



  1. Trying to wrap up everyrhing.
  2. Trying to find the right high note.
  3. Saying goodbye to old friends…every ending is that dumb Niceklback song.
  4. Not enough personal energy for the whole story.
  5. Unfortunately peaking in your thoughts about the story, and not when writing it.
  6. Imposter atndrome disguised as “you cant finish this”.
  7. The story is not going where your heart is leadong you and you need to back upba chaoter and not force it.
  8. Youre finding things out that you need to retrofit in older chapters and youre wanting to go 1st wdit instwad of null finish.
  9. You starved your creativity. Go read something.
  10. Youre taki g long enough that you need a refresher xourse on the previous material.

Pick your poison.

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  1. You’re following a traditional structure that might not have even suited your story in the first place.
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@JohnnyTuturro: How can I even write a short story when I think of complex ideas that require stretching out?

I did write and finish one short story, but that was a story that wasn’t all that interesting. I wrote it just to get it off my mind.

I rather not do a story like that…I guess.

Does that even make sense?

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Overthinking it again :flushed:

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Like if I wanted to even consider writing something small, how can I do it when my mind expands in a wonky way?

People tell me CONSTANTLY to write short stories and stop trying to dive head first into a novel.

Maybe I am different, but I don’t LIKE that because I rather make things hella difficult for myself.

Even when I do write a short story, which isn’t often, it is purely out of luck.

I am not a short story writer. I am a glutton-for-punishment writer.

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i love th rain i love the rain

it’s raining :dancing_pineapple:

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Does this guy seem Renfield like to you? @Akje

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Do you mean Renfield from Dracula? If so, then yup, he seems obsessed with hamburgers the same way Renfield is obsessed with insects. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)


If that was me, I’d just break character and burst out laughing and ruin my own sketch :joy:

@Akje @NotARussianBot


If it easnt for burning throat, earraxhes without ainus pressure and exaustion, This eould be a weak headcold.


He is also weird and creepy.

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You need to go all in for an act like that