Wacky Rescue Strategy: Resources & Updates

It’s been a big week for Wacky. Following our founder’s announcement that the forums might close, this wonderful community showed up for us and said: not on our watch!!

Therefore, we’ve been brainstorming solutions to try and keep the forums running, so here is a breakdown of what we need and where we’re at.

First off, if you have the possibility, here are some ways you can support us financially:

  • through either a one-time, or recurrent donation via PayPal.
  • on Gofundme.
  • buy Wacky merch.
  • WIP: Redbubble merch shop.
  • WIP: Ko-fi.
  • WIP: we’re currently assessing the feasibility of also setting up a Patreon in the near future.

Forum maintenance costs (purely technical, such as server hosting, storage, domain names etc.) average about $150-175 every month. As of right now, thanks to your generous support, we are nearly funded through May! The mod and admin team work on a voluntary basis and we will continue to do so as well and as much life allows.

Secondly, here are all our socials that you can spread far and wide among your circles:

Thirdly, as we ramp up efforts to attract more users and drive engagement, we will also be needing more manpower to help us manage the workload. So, if you have time to spare and skills you can volunteer, please consider one of the following:

For more recruitment details, feel free to peruse this thread – originally posted 2 years ago, but most of the information is still valid. For further questions and clarifications, you know where to find us.

@CoffeebyNight has kindly agreed to volunteer her professional marketing expertise to help us devise an efficient strategy. Brainstorming continues behind the scenes to build that up. Tagging as well a few more people who have offered to help, so we can keep track of who can do what and when:

@AMayu (for Patreon advice once we get there :grin:)

Lastly, you can continue to share your ideas and suggestions on our brainstorming thread, because you are, after all, the beating heart of this community :beautifulheart: You’ve shown us that you care, and now we want to keep that momentum going, so we can build a strong, sustainable version of Wacky that will welcome aspiring writers and creatives for as long as possible.

Thank you and stay tuned!


Update! We now also have a Facebook :grin:


Will have the application form done probably by tomorrow!! Working on a sample blog post now


When I clicked on the Sign up button, I got this:

Your invite token has expired. Please contact staff.

Heh that button is inaccurate, we’ll have it fixed soon.

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Just realised I never replied to you, sorry about that :upside_down_face::upside_down_face: Sounds good though, don’t stress it too much! You can also share some of your already published writing, just for us to get an idea :grin:

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Hi, I swear I haven’t forgotten about this—between some technical difficulties that led to me losing quite a lot of writing and a university acceptance on the other side of the country my life is going to be real hectic until the end of March, so once things have settled, if you guys still need people I’ll send in an application!!


Absolutely no worries! And omg, congrats, big news!! Best of luck at university :purple_heart:

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