art but its free // cfc but accepting sketches

cold blooded
hip-hop | 2021

hyello. gasp?? another art thread from jade?? impossible.

** NOTE ** taking a slight break, just a little burnt out

i want to start practicing lighting so i really want to do atmospheric headshots. these will probably take some time. if you want a super fast piece of art, i’ll draw you a super messy sketch if you’d like! just let me know :> this is noncommitment so i might disappear fair warning

ps. quick messy sketches can be requested anytime even when this is closed


numbers on my art is most recent (1) to oldest (6) but what you’ll get is gonna be most similar to frey. i did super simple lighting on umbra (2 not 4) and i got too lazy to finish elliott lol which is why hes unshaded and the lighting is shit. the rest are just general headshot examples

just a note if you requested art from me before and i didn’t finish it im very sorry, youre very welcome to drop your request again!

no form just be descriptive + references. no reference no art. also what kindve atmosphere for the lighting. lastly click the album art that song is a banger

i want to note that i made umbra 4 a week ago and umbra 2 literally yesterday and i have no idea what happened to my art style in that time. i do not control the lines that come out of my hands. they have a mind of their own and it is not my fault if my hands go fuck you and give you a different style than what youre expecting

lastly go here if u want graphics like covers and banners n stuff. thank u


maybe queue
novel_worm (x2)
steadymylove (x2)
please remember this is noncommitment and i might vanish without notice. i don’t tend to do this on purpose, i just accidentally chug a lot of depresso expresses. otherwise, just allow some time as these take me a while :>

muah bump

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god i worship your art style. I totally will be putting in a request later :grin:

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You’re art is amazing omg :scream:

Here’s my request, but absolutely no pressure or anything

Name: Webb

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Physical Appearance: Wavy blond hair, light blue eyes, 5’7 and lean. He is a ghost.

Outfit: See images. Can go with any outfit lol. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Has a white starburst-shaped burn scar on his chest directly over his heart. The same kind of scar is also on his back on his left shoulder blade (he was pierced through the heart lol.)

Has a black spiderweb tattoo on his right shoulder/bicep.

Personality: B!itchy, snarky, and really dumb. Can be a bit manic at times.

Atmosphere: Uhhh anything goes I guess, haha. Maybe dark with a dramatic red light?

image ref


THAMK U to worship my art (though i question why) u must leave an offering of a blueberry muffin. blueberry muffins r the way into my soul

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i will do my very best to do him justice :’)

you have an amazing distinctive art style and i just really love it :two_hearts:

here is thine offering

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THANK U i honestly dont even think i have a real style things just kinda happen but it means a lot :’’)

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hyello? art time? it’s art time

would u believe me if I said this was the first time I’ve ever painted because it is. i really decided that it was time to make myself suffer and go out of my comfort zone. i made a terrible mistake of painting ENTIRELY IN RED and he looked like a demon the entire time while i freaked out for an hour as i had NO CLUE how to turn his demon skin into human skin but I DID IT BABEY. anyway it’s not that red/dramatic because it kept morphing him back to his demon skin and i was not having it. i also cant draw wavy/curly hair which is why its not colored. i hope he turned out ok and i did him justice regardless :clown_face:

two vers i just liked the blueish effect more

(feel absolutely free to ask for adjustments if you want!)


Eyyyyyy, there’s my son! :smiley: Your painting journey made me crack up, but I think the red lightning turned out really cool! THANK YOU

and yeah, drawing wavy/curly hair is, like, the bane of my existence. Dunno why I did that to myself lol. I feel your pain :pensive:

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okie I think I have someone I’m too shy to give out my MCs yet so here’s another primary side character:


Name: Raoul

Gender: Male

Age: angel so forever haha but he looks like 50 or sm

Outfit: honestly just a white button down shirt and collar would do, if you want you can indicate like a dark purple fancy vest but that’s your call.

Physical appearance: has white skin, brown eyes, medium/dark brown hair, toll bean like 6’1. has bluish wings but idrk how much you’d see in a headshot so dw.

Personality: he’s a very mentor-persona, kind of detached attachment style. He’s polite and civil but it takes a lot to get him to show deep caring even if he does care about them a lot. He also is weighed down my regrets and mistakes in his past life.

As far as lighting, maybe like stark overhead lighting? as abrupt or soft as you want to practice with but like dark shadows and he’s looking up? (not whole head just eyes and brows, but if looking up is too complex skip it it’s totally fine)

image references:

image references

bad lighting but big so detail?:

not my fav shot but better lighting;0.490xw,0.00978xh&resize=1200:*

let me know if you need anything else!

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Alright, Imma come back to this when I’m on my laptop

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i still have a very long way to go with painting but i’m pretty surprised that it wasn’t as bad as i thought it’d be :’) UR VERY WELCOME thank u for letting me use your son as a scientific experiment i promise he won’t have any lingering demon side effects

are the lighting references also face references? if so, what’s his name :o? if not, please include! :>
also i totally get you i have some ocs whomst i love to death but am also a bit shy to talk about LOL

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What’s the face reference’s name you mean? Hugh Jackman. I got those shots from the movie Reminisence in particular, cuz that movie is recent and also has a bit of the soft and harsh up down lighting, altho i mostly included them for face ref over lighting, but feel free to use the lighting in those too.

yes someone else gets it haha

thank u! i’ve never drawn an older man before (my oldest oc is like, 35/45 depending on the scenario, but only ever drawn him as 35) so it’ll be fun to practice that ;>

the ocs i’m hesitant to talk about are usually because i fear people will think their story is like too edgy/i sound like a 12 year old with their first ever oc, but at the end of the day it’s ur character and u deserve to flaunt them :sunglasses:

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might be a dumb question but by white skin you mean hugh’s white skin and not Literally White right LOL
i only ask bc i have had people who meant it in the literal sense ^^;;

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lol no that’s a fair question people send in humanoids and such

yes I meant white like hugh’s skin

oh haha well i hope it’ll be not too annoying

oml yes i feel this one. but also i feel shy about my faceclaims for some of my ocs hehe