The Cat-Dragon Athenaeum - Casual/Serious Read4Reads [OPEN - LAST CALL]

Welcome to the Cat-Dragon Athenaeum!
Where the Cat-Dragon themselves conduct their casual and serious read for reads.

When you fill out the form, let me know which story of mine you will be reading. You will have the choice between two stories of mine, both ongoing novellas. I will not start reading until you have completed your part, but don’t start until I accept! I am expecting more than just one-word or emoji comments, though.

So, here are my (few) rules:

  1. Follow Wacky Writers’ Code of Conduct when conducting any conversation on this thread.
  2. I reserve the right to refuse a form. While I am always willing to read anything, I will refuse a form for a few things: the form was filled out incorrectly/left out information, or the submitted story contains information or subject matter that I don’t personally feel comfortable with reading. Password: I summon the almighty Cat-Dragon!
  3. Make sure to fill the form out completely! And please do not start reading until I have accepted your form. This stops you from doing any extra work, in the case that I might not accept your form.
  4. Submitted stories are available to be read on Wattpad. Should we go into a more serious read for read, I do not mind evolving the read for read into a beta-reader situation - in that case, I would be completely okay with going over chapters on Google Docs.
  5. Be sure to complete the payment! After two weeks, if I message you and get no response I will have to remove you from the Accepted list, or in the case that you halfway completed your payment, I will complete up to what you completed for me.
  6. Please be patient! I have a lot going on in my life, but I will get to your story as soon as possible.

My Books:

Gunmetal Wings (Science Fiction, Fantasy, hints at Magic Realism - think Sword Art Online, Log Horizon, Ready Player One)
Available Chapters: 3


What do you do when your dream world traps you and leaves you powerless?

Kanda is a normal college student, plotting her way through the darkness of undergrad for a breath of fresh air. With the pandemic in tow, she’s stuck at home with her overbearing mother and absent twin brother as her country locks down for the second time.

But on Melting World Online (or rather, MWO), she is Moon - a lethal gun-wielder, known for streaming her tactics on the popular streaming site, Watcher. As the highest level human gun-wielder ever known, she streams her tactics in an attempt to help others surpass her.

On one fateful day, she spawned into MWO to find a peculiar pair of wings protruding from the square of her back, all of her equipment gone, and her level zeroed. When she thought it a trick, however, the “Exit Game” button has disappeared.

Other Information: POC MC and LGBTQ+ characters!

Wandering Queen (High Fantasy, Dystopian, LGBTQ+ - think Shannara Chronicles)
Available Chapters: 9


A queen must save her kingdom from the rumbling that can be heard from underground - threatening to drag them down once again.


As the queen of the first Surface nation in a millennium, Komen has a goal: liberate the rest of her people from servitude, from which they could never leave on their own, from a nation in the Undersurface. But when a rejected prince backed by gods threatens to ruin everything, Komen must take matters into her own hands before her and her people are dragged back underground to repent for taking their independence.

But will her proficiency in time and healing magic be enough to save her people? Or will the jilted prince come to forcefully claim what he deemed was rightfully his?

Other Information: POC and LGBTQ+ MC and characters!

Here’s the form!

Wattpad Username:
Book Title & Link:
Blurb (hide in details):
Mature/TW (if there are, hide in spoiler):
Book You Will Read:


  1. User / Book / Post
  2. User / Book / Post
  3. User / Book / Post
  4. User / Book / Post
  5. User / Book / Post


  1. User / Book / Post
  2. User / Book / Post
  3. User / Book / Post
  4. User / Book / Post
  5. User / Book / Post


  1. @/MiniMoxx / Coveted Temptations / Post
  2. @/ily_ari_grande / First love, kisses, and love letters / Post
  3. @/eternitea40 / Double Down / Post
  4. @/pipwusa / Let Life Surprise You / Post
  5. @/JosephMXA / Wonderland / Post
  6. @/48lexR / Meiste / Post
  7. @/AuraSparrow / A String of Coincidences (Chapter One: The Awakening) / Post
  8. @/Tanya3231 / Obey / Post
  9. User / Book / Post
  10. User / Book / Post
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Aaaaand… it’s open! Feel free to submit forms~

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Wattpad Username: MiniMoxx
Book Title & Link: Coveted Temptation
Blurb (hide in details):


Aspen Watkins grew up in a devout Christian family, despite not believing herself. When she falls pregnant by her boyfriend, Joel, out of wedlock at eighteen, they are forced to wed by her family so they can atone for their sin.

When Joel is taken ill, he confesses to Aspen that he lied to her since they met - he actually has a condition that limits his life. Aspen’s life is flipped upside down and suddenly her sins begin catching up with her.

One chance encounter in the hospital leads Aspen to meet Nicholas Knight, a nurse who makes her question everything she ever knew when she finds he’s got a link to her past, and makes her fall further into sin than she ever thought she could.

Mature/TW (if there are, hide in spoiler): None
Book You Will Read: Wandering Queen
Chapters: 5 is good with me!
Password: I summon the almighty Cat-Dragon

Note: I’m in the UK and it’s quite late here, so I might have to reply in the morning for me! But I will totally get to it when I wake up! lol

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Accepted! Question - do you count your prologue as a chapter? I know some people do and others don’t, so I just want to make sure :blush:

Wattpad username ily_ari_grande
Book Title First Love kisses and love letters
Link First love, kisses and love letters - Taehyung 😍❤️ - Wattpad


Students were pouring in through the steel gates, but Declan still hasn’t arrived. I guess it was a great thing because my palms were sweating like crazy and my stomach was twisting with butterflies. Or elephants because they were stomping like lunatics. Look what you do to me, Declan.

Take a breath, Lana.

Everything will be okay.

My stomach churned when I noticed his perfectly combed chestnut hair walking through the corridor by himself, just like any other day. I basically jumped out of the bush, nearly tripping in the process. With no time to fix my hair, I rushed in front of him causing him to stop.

“Who are you?” He asked, staring deeply into my eyes, practically making me melt.

“I’m Lana Hart, we’re in the same grade,” acting like a robot reciting the speech I had a plan in my head. “Could you please accept this letter?”

I bowed my head down like an idiot, may I add waiting for him to take the letter. Soft panic aroused in my chest. Please let this one good thing happen to me.

Declan Novak was the perfect student at Yvon High School. Everything he touched turned into gold. He has his whole life planned out. Graduate as valedictorian, attend a prestigious college, and then take over his father’s multimillionaire dollar company–

Until Lana Hart came into the picture.

Lana spent most of high school crushing hard on Declan and very little time on her studies. Now it’s senior year, and Lana is running out of time to improve her grades for nursing school and getting Declan to notice her.

Will the optimistic Lana be able to win over her crush’s heart?

Or Will Declan ignore her like he does with every other girl?

Book I’ll read Wandering Queen
Chapters 5 is good
Password I summon the almighty Cat-Dragon

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Accepted! :blush:

I do as it’s over 1000 words, sorry I should’ve mentioned it! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll get started asap :smiley:

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No problem! I just wanted to clarify :relaxed:

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All done!

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Awesome! I’ll move you over to the queue and get started later tonight on my end :blue_heart:

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All finished :wink:

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Thank you! I’ll add you to the queue and get to your story soon :blue_heart:

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Wattpad Username: eternitea40
Book Title & Link: Double Down
Blurb (hide in details):



Mere weeks after the start of sophomore year, Angelina Jung awakens in the middle of the wilderness, stranded with no explanation. When she finds three other college students in the same predicament as her, she isn’t sure what to believe.

With all their recent memories erased, the four must set aside their uncertainty in order to survive. From enduring the harsh conditions to facing their inner demons, it’ll take all their resilience to overcome this true test of their strength. However, the forest will soon become the least of their worries as a ghost from their past surfaces, enmeshing them in a ploy more sinister than they could imagine.

Some secrets are meant to be buried.

Mature/TW (if there are, hide in spoiler): None
Book You Will Read: Wandering Queen
Chapters: 5 sounds great!
Password: I summon the almighty Cat-Dragon!

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Accepted! :blush:

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@MiniMoxx I’ve finished reading your story! Loved it :relaxed:

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thank you so much!! Your comments were lovely to read <3

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Done! Wandering Queen is amazing :))

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Thank you so much! I will move you to the queue and get to your book soon :blue_heart:

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Finished! :relaxed: Great story~

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